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I have approximately 1.007412 seconds to write a post so ….

I’m-a take about 5 minutes and write a quickie. 

For myself and whoever may be out there… (is anyone there?)

Here’s what’s up:

1. I moved. (Anyone want to see some more pictures?).

 IMAG0499     IMAG0493

2. I AM LOVING IT. There are certain things that I feel some kind a way about, but it is very easy for me to focus on the positive.


3. A little before I moved and up till now, I have been very VERY ill. Yeah. So, that added to the pleasure of the experience known as moving. A little bonus WTF. Whatever. Totally Fine.

3. Oh, and I threw out my back. WINNING!! ALWAYS!!

4. NO social media or emails for me lately, I just have been too busy (work has been a hyper-verb), sick or overwhelmed.

5. BUT I am slowly coming around.

5. A while ago, I started a blog template… it just …sort of …happened. It’s stupid and I’m just leaving it. BUT. I need to change the theme because I cannot deal with Garamond Font ewthat’sgross.


6. http://missythings.wordpress.com/  If you are a curious on-looker. You could go ahead and add me to your feeder if you want, because I will stay at that domain and just change the theme (eventually?) but I’ll let you know here when I start blogging over there for real. 

7. That’s all.

Tell me what’s up with you! 7 things. Or less. Or zero. You know.


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Can I just……

(*&^^&$%$#$#lions TYFGVtireHGV JB G%^#%^#$*%^ )&*BY YGtigers%&#%E$ (OTGFH X%$@#Q #$E*I^&T*()&GbearsH ^B&*(PH&button(%RVC$^ ohmy#QWJ HBpurpleTURV^%$Runicorn (T^*) &*_& gearT%^ ED*%lamp^B N(^) *&MN(UM*)<{K()*KIlotion<{IMHT&(FB*^%VE* %$StypeX&%VBR^F ^*GIO^*T 8t7gn ohnenejgk uybKTGNM*(^N)&y-what?


I feel better…no…wait…

*&^&%^$. &%^*YG.      &^u 




What is happening?

All the things.
All the things are happening.

All at once, all the time.

And I’m like:


Actually, my life is very simple. I know this. BUT.

I am moving on the 24th; into my first home no less. There have been some serious changes at work that I am excited/stressed about as well as several large projects keeping me busy, new co-workers and DBAs. Lots of change.

On a personal level I am overwhelmed with change….my body (duh), my mind, my thoughts, my opinions, my tastes, my feelings…. are all changing and evolving.  Radically.

I don’t even know.


It’s just… everything feels like happening.


I have gotten rid of over 300 books and more than 1/2 of my wardrobe ( much easier when nothing comes even close to fitting.)

I’m getting rid of stuff and moving on from a lot of things…

including this blog.

tumblr_mj649fyZI81qbvrvlo2_400 (1)


I’m starting fresh on a new blog. I’ve had fleeting thoughts about it over the past two months. But blogging isn’t something I spend a lot of time contemplating… like I always say, this blog writes itself. Once again, this blog is writing itself a new chapter.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about self-hosting and pimping myself out and trying to gain readership and pageviews and actually write something cohesive so my blog made sense. NO. It’ll be me, on another WordPress template just doing my thing. S-O-S.

Except, more emphasis on the “S-O” and less of the “S.”

In the past I never understood when a person talked about starting a new blog, but now I do.

It was REALLY weird for me to think about blogging again… I never really thought about blogging in the first place.  As I was contemplating names and whatever it felt SO stupid to me. Like… why blog?

It became obvious to me: Stop blogging here or stop blogging.


I like having a blog. So.

Things fell into place in my mind- organically. That was important because I can’t/won’t force anything. A “name” came to me. It’s stupid. I don’t care. Don’t worry, it’s not “Sparkles and Peanut Butter.”

Although…. I would definitely check out a blog with that name for sure. Any-

It will still just be “my blog” that I have and keep doing me the same way as I do over here.


I’m not gonna be like “Beautiful Struggle?”:

who was that

Same girl, same blog, just a little fresher.

I hope all my friendlies will stick with me.

See ya in October (or sooner).

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  Stuffs I See and Saw. Shown and Told.


So lemme show you a few thangs.

This is a prayer card I have tacked to the inside of my medicine cabinet so I see it every time I brush my teeth and what not.


It goes along with this bracelet:

Each bead or charm is symbolic so you can go through them like a rosary of sorts as you meditate on the prayer.

This is my dog Zoe on our walk this morning.


People are surprised to learn I have a dog. “Why is there not a gazillion pictures on your Facebook or blog?”

One explanation is she is a camera HATER.  Not sure why.


I see this every time I leave my apartment and the splash of color makes me happy, especially on a gloomy morning like today.


My new notebook.


Adds some sparkle to the drudgery of logging my food.

Speaking of food…

On my Vegetable Fruit Salad post Christine mentioned I should add avocado which I have done.

I didn’t chop the veggies much or mix them — just threw everything (yes that is how I do pepper) on a plate and got down.
Whatever. Totally Fine. I aint tryin’a impress nobody.
(Most of the time. LOL.)

This is a coupon for a new food product I’m in love with and can’t wait to tell you about.
Can you guess what it is?

I see this everyday. Yup. I wear make-up every day, and not very skillfully. 


Usually just cream, brows and lashes..necessary for this blonde girl.
(There’s some new things in the basket too, I’ll tell you what I think soon).

Lastly I got mail from my friend who I sent the Lemon Card to. It arrived yesterday – as I was replying to comments on my last post asking about favorite childhood books.

Look what she wrote!

Totally freaked me out – as I know she has no access to the internet. Then I remembered I had written her a funky rhyme and talked about Dr. Suess in my last letter so things fell into context.

Phew this is getting long (and boring).
I will end with three words:


Sock. Monkey. Sticker.

You’ve been shown.

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It had been a while and I had one thing on my mind:

Sunflower Seed Butter.

Yes, that was my mission as I entered my happy place Whole Foods. I intended to make my own, but I remain undecided as to whether that is actually cheaper in the end.
I headed over to pick up
my favorite –MaraNatha Sunflower Seed Butter.

But to my displeasure they were out of stock.
Then, to what my wondering eyes should appear but this little beauty. On sale, no less. $4.99.


I got super excited because I had found the coon!

Say whaaaa?

A certain friendly awesome* of mine had sent me this photo. There is an inexorable mind link for some of my friends between me and PBJ. I love it.

(*Two adjectives can make one noun in my Missyese.)

Coon Butter

She asked if I had tried that nut butter brand before but I’d never seen it – but I got a kick out of that raccoon on the label. So when I saw it in the store I thought “Stacy!” 

Stacy is inexorably linked in my mind with supreme awesomeness. So the Sunflower Butter was purchased.

In the middle of a serious spoonage sesh on the couch I remembered the reason I only buy Maranatha Brand.

It is the only one with no sugar. (If you missed it, I don’t like sugar.)

I flipped the jar over and yup.


Not just sugar, but evaporated Cane juice. Evaporated cane juice as the second ingredient!

Whatever. Totally FINE.

This week I really mean it. For real ‘do.

I’m okay with it and glad it happened. I will be consuming the rest of this butter and I don’t give a coon’s azz. Yes, I am still leery of it but I am swallowing all those thoughts because it’s JUST FOOD.

There was a time when there is no way this would have made it in my cart because I obsessed over food labels (ingredients) determined to stick to my meal plan. I never forgot to check.
There was a time when I would have pawned the open container off on my family – never to be consumed by me again.

But not now.
I am glad that I have a little wiggle room, it makes me feel sane.

PLUS I now know the story behind the coon.


Sorry to bore you, this was kind-of sort of a big deal that turned into the most inconsequential thing ever.
In summary: I bought sunflower seed butter and ate it.

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It’s healthy to try new things, treat yourself a little, and switch things up to make life a little more…more.

Let me tell you my “news.”

Health Blog Posts 012

I bought a new microwave Sunday. I go through microwaves like athletes go through running shoes. This one has a five year over-the-top warrantee to defend against my Midas touch of doom.

Microwaves are healthy. Because.

Health Blog Posts 029

I finally broke down and started buying the big-boy jars of peanut butter.
Good for my economic health and the health of my soul.

Health Blog Posts 038

I started taking some new health supplements. (It’s too soon to tell a difference.)

I bought some new clothes to accommodate my healthy body and give me that boost of “feel-good” we get when we look nice.

Health Blog Posts 015 

Our busy season is coming up and my current uniform of flowy tops and stretchy pants won’t do in the office with clients.

Health Blog Posts 021 

Self care, personal hygiene, taking the time to care for our appearance – Healthy!

Health Blog Posts 035

I tried a new make-up. Love it. It’s super light, like a tint. I’ve always been a tinted moisturizer gal (if anything at all) even before the new BB creams. I can’t wait to try an actual BB though. 

Health Blog Posts 037 

Some new sparkle — feels like looking life straight in the eye and saying “I LOVE YOU!” 

Health Blog Posts 023

I recently tried Raw Coconut Aminos instead of my beloved Braggs. (Sorry for the pic. Ow! My eyes!)

I’ve grown weary of vegetable protein so it’s nice to cut back a little and switch it up. The Coconut Aminos tastes great and have less sodium.

Health Blog Posts 025 

Another new – frozen vegetables. These Asian inspired mixes are great because I rarely have veggies like baby corn or water chestnuts in the house and this is waiting whenever the “Asian” mood strikes. (Is that PC? lol).Health Blog Posts 026

I’ll never be an “all frozen- all the time” girl but on occasion, why not? They’re just as healthy.

Health Blog Posts 032

New Vitamin water flavor – it’s got caffeine (!) and lots of other weird things that probably aren’t healthy but the vitamins balance it out *wink*. I really just don’t care that much. lol :9

Health Blog Posts 040

I tried a new salad dressing. It’s …meh. I’ve been trying to do the dressing thing more to see what I am missing.  Really? I just prefer a simple extra-light tasting olive oil spritz — but variety is healthy as are fats – especially on greens.


I have another new dressing waiting for me to experiment with and let me tell you about ….wait for it….THESE NUTS (heehee).

Health Blog Posts 042   

Yeah – I hate to love these almonds (#crack#ingredients) but whatever.

Everything in moderation – INCLUDING MODERATION. <—Write that down.

 opaopa 001

Last month I found out Publix (my grocery store) will steam your seafood for free. I cannot express my pure unadulterated joy. It’s my new favorite “I’m tired” treat for dinner after work. Or..on Saturday. LOL.

It’s important to have go-to meal options that are healthy, easy and fast. Better than the drive-thrus and deliveries or skipping a meal.

opaopa 005 

You can get it seasoned, but when it comes to Cod I don’t mess around. All I need is the …drool….flaky buttery tasting flesh. #sorryvegheads

 opaopa 006 

On one Atypical Tuesday I decided to switch things up by eating salmon. Salmon’s not really my favorite.

opaopa 009

It’s delicious- but I’d never choose it first. I have to remind myself to get it every once in a while because of all the healthy fats. 

Health Blog Posts 046

And finally, new albums I’ve picked up. Music is the wallpaper of the mind. Good for the mind and soul, and when you shake that azz it’s good for the body.


  • What’s new with you?

Today’s Prompt for NHBPM  was “News-Style Post” (??) and the other option was “A time you had to take the high road” (no thanks). So…this is what came out.  Previous posts can be found here.

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It’s November! November is National Blog Post Month, or NaBloPoMo. (I giggled too).  It’s “a month dedicated to the art of blogging” and participants blog every day for 30 days. (Is blogging an art? Hmmmm…)

ANYWAY – WEGO is putting a spin on things and declaring November National Health Blog Post Month, or NHBPM.

Rolls right off the tongue, don’t it?

If you sign up with WEGO, they’ll provide prompts to guide your writing about health each day. Guess who’s participating? THIS GIRL.

opaopa 131-001

Say what? Girl….you ain’t got no health!”


Let me tackle Prompt #1 – why I’m choosing to write about my health.

I’ve decided to do this rather daunting and challenging project because I’m fighting to gain my health. I’m going to have to plow down a bunch of obstacles in order to get there. There’s my disordered eating and food addiction, for example. It’s silly, really. JK.

For real though — it’s a complicated and TOUGH battle and I need ALL the motivation, encouragement and focus I can get right now. Especially now. For real.

It may help to add one more thing to my day.

Blogging every day? Never been my thing. I’m just not that interesting. Especially not right now (see above). I don’t have much to contribute. Also it’s November 2.

I’m a day late, a dollar short and unhealthy.

All I do is win. lol.

But I’m-a do this.

Unless I change my mind.

It’s totally different than chickening out or giving up.

  • Anyone with me? Let me know.


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Life hands us stuff: lemons, blessings, unfortunately located piles of dog poo, rainbows….etc. Not all of it is tasteful, but our job is to make do. That means thinking WTF and moving on. WTF as in: WHATEVER. TOTALLY FINE.

Like…take for instance my latest fashion accessory:


It’s like a scarf…


Except it’s not.

My back and neck are jacked up something FEIRCE.

Whatever. Totally. FINE.

ARRRRggghh. When it rains it pours. Time takes time and the body heals at its own pace. A few months of treating it better may not mean shiz as far as it’s concerned.

I’m thinking God approves for me to sit still on my razzmatazz for a good long while. Groin, Ribs, feet…. HE work all things for good.

So it’s fine! Whatever!

And meanwhile THIS single gal has a bed buddy.


And it will not mind at all if I eat PBJ in bed with it.


I felt bereft if I did not write something today. Who knows why. I’d apologize for lack of content and the over share but then I would apologize every time I write.

But seriously …  please don’t think this is “poor me” drivel.
It’s just …funny to me.

Angering too… health is NOT something to take for granted.

Also I’m bored.


Love to love ya!

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