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I have approximately 1.007412 seconds to write a post so ….

I’m-a take about 5 minutes and write a quickie. 

For myself and whoever may be out there… (is anyone there?)

Here’s what’s up:

1. I moved. (Anyone want to see some more pictures?).

 IMAG0499     IMAG0493

2. I AM LOVING IT. There are certain things that I feel some kind a way about, but it is very easy for me to focus on the positive.


3. A little before I moved and up till now, I have been very VERY ill. Yeah. So, that added to the pleasure of the experience known as moving. A little bonus WTF. Whatever. Totally Fine.

3. Oh, and I threw out my back. WINNING!! ALWAYS!!

4. NO social media or emails for me lately, I just have been too busy (work has been a hyper-verb), sick or overwhelmed.

5. BUT I am slowly coming around.

5. A while ago, I started a blog template… it just …sort of …happened. It’s stupid and I’m just leaving it. BUT. I need to change the theme because I cannot deal with Garamond Font ewthat’sgross.


6. http://missythings.wordpress.com/  If you are a curious on-looker. You could go ahead and add me to your feeder if you want, because I will stay at that domain and just change the theme (eventually?) but I’ll let you know here when I start blogging over there for real. 

7. That’s all.

Tell me what’s up with you! 7 things. Or less. Or zero. You know.


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