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I have approximately 1.007412 seconds to write a post so ….

I’m-a take about 5 minutes and write a quickie. 

For myself and whoever may be out there… (is anyone there?)

Here’s what’s up:

1. I moved. (Anyone want to see some more pictures?).

 IMAG0499     IMAG0493

2. I AM LOVING IT. There are certain things that I feel some kind a way about, but it is very easy for me to focus on the positive.


3. A little before I moved and up till now, I have been very VERY ill. Yeah. So, that added to the pleasure of the experience known as moving. A little bonus WTF. Whatever. Totally Fine.

3. Oh, and I threw out my back. WINNING!! ALWAYS!!

4. NO social media or emails for me lately, I just have been too busy (work has been a hyper-verb), sick or overwhelmed.

5. BUT I am slowly coming around.

5. A while ago, I started a blog template… it just …sort of …happened. It’s stupid and I’m just leaving it. BUT. I need to change the theme because I cannot deal with Garamond Font ewthat’sgross.


6. http://missythings.wordpress.com/  If you are a curious on-looker. You could go ahead and add me to your feeder if you want, because I will stay at that domain and just change the theme (eventually?) but I’ll let you know here when I start blogging over there for real. 

7. That’s all.

Tell me what’s up with you! 7 things. Or less. Or zero. You know.


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I’ve been eating lots of eggs lately – or eggz, rather. Since my “eggs” come from a carton most of the time,  I refer to them as eggz. Because.

I’ve been hooked on eating them a way I call flat-out. I think I may have invented it but probably not.

I received questions about it when I showed then told about my pickle and PeaBee “Pizza” thing. Thing. *giggle*

I eat “things.”

Here’s the deal behind the egg part of that thing.

I fill a Pam sprayed 9” cake pan (or two) with 1 cup of eggz. Preset oven to 450…bake for 20 minutes…flip for a few more and boom. 
opaopa 140

opaopa 141
You can continue to bake to get a firmer, crispier, chewier* flat. You can also play around with the amount of eggs and cooking times.

*Rubberier? I make no claims for my peculiar taste preferences so if you try this and hate it …*shrug* then I don’t know what. lol.

I put them on a rack to cool. I do not know why I do this. It’s optional.  Sometimes I cut them into quarters and halves.

opaopa 144

Sometimes I cut them in small squares or strips…
Sights 009

Sometimes I leave them full and make pizzas or fold some beans and stuff things inside and eat like a soft taco…

And sometimes…



Don’t tell me you didn’t see that coming.

  PBJEGGs 004

It’s like a PBJ sandwich except one thing…it’s totally NOT like a PBJ sandwich. Nor a tortilla wrap, nor a pizza crust.

It just is what it is.

Flat Out Eggz.

I like them things.

I eat things.


I just thought to google this before I hit publish (because this still hasn’t gotten old for me) and look what I found…

This blog writes itself.

  • So let’s “talk” … what are your HONEST thoughts about my flat out eggz.
  • How do you like your eggs or do you eschew them?


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Last night my friend and I went out for drinks and sohappytogether time. sbux

That’s mine on the left. An iced err…”shaken” Passion Tazo tea. So fancy. So potentially problematic. You see, I just knew I’d have trouble accepting the fact that it was unsweetened and caffeine free. I was prepared though. I’m used to it. It’s just STOOOOPID.

But yet this morning it was STILL on my Radio KDFK. So much so that I posted this in a support group I belong to.
Just to vent. It was SO IRRITATING.


Yes, irritating. It was so annoying hearing that stupid crap buzz around in my brain like fly.

*note – the word “hearing” is key here. Hearing is different than thinking

This afternoon I had a Dr Appointment. The second time in a row he was pleased with me (high-fiving myself). I don’t expect applause but I will take bows for every small thing thankyouverymuch.

One thing “we” are working on is increasing my sodium intake and he wants me to drink Gatorade (and milkshakes but he knows that ain’t happening…lol) . Though this University of Florida alum LOVES Gatorade in theory, it’s not my cup of anything.

Instead, I have been drinking vegetable juice and electrolyte balanced drinks…etc.
And eating more salt (trying at least).

Leaving his office on a “Idonegood!”  high, I was happily sipping my Smart Water Zero when I though to check the sodium content – which I am now realizing I never even saw because:


Yeah. NOT Vitamin Water Zero. The irony. It’s like God was all “I’ll take your herbal tea insanity and raise you one cane sugar and fructose laden bottle of fuel for thought!”

  Oh the places your brain will go! The thinks it will think!IMG_0001

So yes, my brain had a field day with that. And me? I was just sitting there enjoying taking in the freak show.

It was noticeably different than how I would have reacted in the past. I felt like more of a witness and less of a player in the game. An impartial witness?

No. Let’s not go too far.
More like a passive, bi-partisan witness.
Cool. I’ll take it.

I wanted to write about this because it’s a little peek into the insanity of my ED head which I don’t choose to write about much.

I certainly don’t have much to admire in terms of recovery. <—Understatement.

This doesn’t erase the fact that I lost minutes of my life in a mind-fog in front of tofu tonight as I presided and deliberated over the caloric differences between varieties. (All the while extremely frustrated with myself and I was NOT impartial this time).

Yes, I threw the rest of the bottle away. Yes, I came home and checked the other bottles to see if I made the same mistake. (I am getting so lazy the older saner I get. How did this even happen? Who am I? LOL. )

I don’t have the power to choose the insane thoughts, reactions, and behaviors I have and feel regarding food. At least not yet. The best I can hope for at this point is to be less and less and less invested in them.

Less Captivated.
free spirit

As time goes on, I am beginning to see myself emerge from some of the things I was once captive too….little by little.
This gives me hope. Time takes time.

  • Care to share any crazy thinks you’ve thunk HEARD lately?

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If you didn’t grow up watching Sesame Street or if it’s been a while and your memory is foggy this probably won’t make a lot of sense.


But say you’re like me – a devoted fan of the show which, I believe, was one of the most groundbreaking things to EVER happen on television. Sesame Street…where do I begin?…let’s just say Sesame Street had a profound impact on society, education, children’s programming, family entertainment, celebrity PR, public broadcasting….etc.


Let’s not get too analytical here because – well, then my brains would start to show and I don’t do that on my blog. LOL. Really I just want to write about a think I thunk yesterday about Bert and Ernie (and, no, I’m not going there).


Bert and Ernie are dynamically opposing characters. The dudes couldn’t be more different. Burt is rational, orderly and structured. He likes mundane things like news radio, bottle-cap collecting, watching pigeons, lentil soup and making the bed. He is quick to get angry and frustrated. Especially around Ernie.


Ernie is arguably the more winsome of the two . He’s frivolous and playful. He likes to joke around and play games. He likes his rubber duck, jelly beans and eating cookies in bed. He’s simple-minded and often learns a lot from Burt, who does exhibit patience with Ernie most of the time. Ernie, in exchange, doesn’t mind Bert’s sometimes irritable and grumpy demeanor.


Burt and Ernie are roommates and the best of friends (and again -not going there). They get along. They accept each other. They appreciate each other. They make peanut butter sandwiches together. They argue. They laugh. They love each other!

arm in arm bert

They see ALL the bits and pieces of each other. They see their strengths, their weaknesses, their beautifuls and their uglys. Everything. They know the person for who they are.

A person is really more than just a SUM of their parts. It’s something beyond that. Their parts fit together and melt, compliment and detract in far more complicated way than simple math.

The negatives do not diminish the positives.

You know what I mean?
I think we should all be like Bert and Ernie.

I guess that’s what I’m saying. LOL. Brilliant.

donal miller

I’d like to share something about myself.

When I talk about this, I know it sounds ridiculous or comes across as flighty, naive, or fake.  It’s not. No joke. I have analyzed the sparkle out of this and it’s not stemming from some therapy mumbo jumbo childhood place either. And no, I’m not extrasupernice! or a push-over. This is just me.

I have never hated or really even disliked anyone in my life.

I have this obstinate inability to dislike anyone. What I’m saying is – I pretty much love everybody.  Yup.


When I feel like I might dislike someone (which has happened three times in my my life, two were professional colleagues of mine), I get extremely uncomfortable because it feels foreign. It’s also confusing because I simultaneously find my heart accepting them just as they are- the good and the bad. It’s like I understand and the “good” counts for a lot.

Then I realize my “dislike” was really just me getting angry or something. The feeling fades quickly. I don’t do anything or have to get over it it just…goes away. That’s another thing.

I’m incapable of staying angry. I also cannot – cannot even comprehend how to begin to– hold a grudge. I have no idea what that even feels like.

There. That was a little piece of my soul I shared with you.

Anyways – Back to Bert and Ernie.


I think this little number says it best:

Ernie: But though I don’t always like everything
Bert: That I like
Both: Still I like you
Bert: Though I’m not too crazy about your rubber duckie
Ernie: Though I don’t love pigeons
Both: Still we’re awfully lucky
‘Cause I like you

  • Sesame Street fan? What’s one thing Sesame Street taught you?

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Thank God Yesterday Was Thursday.


I don’t use the phrase “Thank God” casually. Yesterday was rough.  I sucked at yesterday.  In fact I kind of suck at doing these past two weeks.

I’m grateful for a Lord who makes all things new and who gives us the gift of the present day. And weekends. Thank you, God.

SO without further ado about nothing I present to you five no-thangs that begin with T-G-Y-W & T.  Because.



I hear ya, Boo. For real. I’m a water retention phenom today. I am certain if I were wearing socks they would hurt. Whatever. It’s fine. Those Terra chips are well worth it.


I’ve been feeling a bit ornery of late and I’m not used to getting so…irritated. But let’s just say I’m done wasting my time.
For. Real.
I am so tired of people picking apart every thing I say, do or choose and labeling it as eating disordered. Literally. Tired! I understand these may be gestures of caring…but I can’t keep explaining myself again and again it’s EXHAUSTING. And the audacity of some people is a little over the top.

I am 34 years old. I’m a grown woman. An intelligent one. I know myself better than you do. As does my Therapist. Which you are not. My eating disorder is different than yours is or was. I am capable of making my own decisions and forming opinions that are independent from my struggles. Say what you need to say but I don’t have energy to explain anymore.



Just Yay.

Wanna see a picture of me when I was widdle?

I want a spin-off of that dress so badly. Navy blue, white..polka dots.…strawberries. My style hasn’t evolved.


Taking a spin on my phat ride. <—remember?


My bestie requested proof. 

ridingdirty sittingpimp

Ain’t no thang.

Really. It’s nothing.

PS- I actually don’t use the term bestie. Neither does she. In fact it’s so not us— that it’s wus. Because I am so sure she laughed when she read the word “bestie”

PPS- This is me when I get my “bee” on.  Coincidentally processed carbs make me moody like that. But again, Terra chips are worth it.

I’ll be back Monday. Happy weekends!!

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I have an inside joke about the Smokey Bear PSAs I grew up with.

You know the ones. “Only you can prevent forest fires…”

smokeybearfront 1969 

It’s just….the “ONLY YOU” part. There’s just something so ominous about it…so convicting.


Billy, why are you up so late? It’s past your bedtime!”
”I CAN’T sleep Mommy, what about the forests? Only I can save them! It’s up to me!”



It makes you think ONLY YOU can solve the problem. Not only that, but it’s your RESPONSIBILITY to fix it. ONLY YOU!!!!

Or else….


Obviously that’s a flawed way of thinking. A recipe for disaster, delusion or depression at least. ESPECIALLY when it comes to events larger than ourselves, calamities and tragedies life throws our way, the behavior of other people…etc.

Because…I mean.

There’s only one dude who’s got “the whole world in his hands” and it ain’t us and even He can’t prevent forest fires.

So. ANY-

I have this running joke. An inside joke. Mainly with myself. Hence, inside joke.


You see, we know we can’t prevent all the forest fires in the world – we know all we can do is change our behaviors. #maninthemirror  That’s the true lesson behind Smokey Bear. We get it.

Or do we?

How often do you we find ourselves caught up in other people’s dramas, trying to “cure” them or “fix” them. How often are we up late worrying about all the things we simply. cannot. control.  #serenityprayer

Any-whoo…whenever I find myself in those situations or hear someone else delving into that unfruitful train of thought I think to myself (or point ominously in their direction):

“ONLY YOU. ONLY YOU Missy. ONLY YOU can make your family get along. ONLY YOU can prevent forest fires.”

Then I giggle, realizing the absurdity of the notion.

Now you can share my joke with me! Please? I mean, if you want.

Whenever you find yourself trying to mess around with other people’s fires. Picture my ominous/serious face and repeat..


Picture 062_Sepia_1

And then giggle.
And then STOP THAT!!!

very sweet render of a honey bee in yellow and black with Clippi

If you want. I’m not worried about what you do (0:

There is ONLY ONE thing we are responsible for really.

ONLY ONE thing we can change.


  • Wait did that last part make sense? Whatever. Are you gonna share my joke? Is this post like, ENTIRELY too long or what? I have a complex. Be honest. Scroll or no scroll. Fess up.  If you did scroll,. you got the point right?

  • What are YOU trying to prevent like it’s YOUR job. ONLY YOU.

*Prayers for peoples,families, animals, insects and nature currently experiencing the Colorado wildfires and those in the affected states*


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