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I just got spanked. HARD.

Cutting down on Diet Soda took me to school.

About three weeks ago, I began a mission to focus on improving my health. <—

I broke it off with my carbonated mistress,

And ended up here:


(Sunlight streaming through the window indicating the life I was missing)

Diet soda is a trickish witch.

Once I decided to cut my ties, she had me bare-butt across her knee in no time flat – just like that quiet, innocent friend in grade school who turned demonic when you got in a fight – knowing exactly your vulnerable spots, exactly to strike.

I had no idea I was so…addicted. So vulnerable.

Let me re-cap. I drank diet soda morning, noon and night. I’d wake up, chug Diet Mt. Dew and it wouldn’t stop until evening when I switched to caffeine-free diet sodas like Sprite Zero or Fresca. (Diet Cherry 7-Up was a particular favorite.) I wasn’t trying to “curb my appetite” or anything…it was just what I did. For years. Water? I’d go days without.

After ditching Diet Smack I experienced EXTREME FATIGUE. Body aches, chills, feverishness…it was gross. I woke up, I slept, I ate, I slept, I slept, I slept…I even called in sick to work one day.

I knew the whole time if I drank 8 oz of soda I would feel like a million bucks. That made me realize how nasty that crap is.


Nasty. Vicious. Witchy.

It wasn’t caffeine withdrawal…I’m drinking tea.


(and slowly weaning myself to the unsweetened variety)


It’s something chemical in that toxic sludge that I was addicted to. Freaky! Maybe I don’t eat enough and was fooled by the energy the soda gave me? I’ve been thinking about that a bunch.

It’s been THREE WEEKS and I’m still taking a beating. Yet, I’m slowly coming back to life.

Here’s what has helped:

Morning cocktail:


I’ve been drinking lukewarm water with lemon and apple cider vinegar each morning on an empty stomach. This helps me start the day right, reminds me I’m on a mission, makes me feel clean and energized.

No, this is not some crazy diet technique. If you’re interested to try, do not attempt this with standard ACV- you need raw and unfiltered.


I’ve also been taking advantage of sparkling waters, mineral waters, and seltzer. I’ve always loved mineral water, but the sodium makes me shy. Perrier is the lowest sodium content by the way.

And, you know, I’ve been drinking water.


Check out my cool headset! Sexy, no?

And these roses “the boss” got me for Valentine’s day. Aw….


Anyhow, conquering this addiction has been empowering and makes me psyched to do more. Once I realized how miserable I was trying to “get over” my habit, I found it repulsive. Recovery from any addiction or habit is probably the same way.

Going backwards is so unappealing.

Are you hitting the Diet Smack?

Stop now! (if you want)

  • What are some habits and addictions you’ve struggled to break. Did you succeed?
  • What are some things in your life you’d like to kiss goodbye?

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