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It’s story time.

One of my best friends, Brooke, wrote a children’s book for me in college. Nothing published, just a little gift for me. Because.


*Melissa’s my name, Missy a nickname, I answer to both.

I cherish it. Not because it’s about me, but because it shows how much she knows me. She pretty much sums it up (well, it’s a little over the top but it’s kiddie lit).


For me, It’s the story of how beautiful a genuine friendship is. The beauty in connecting with someone who knows you through and through, and values every bit.

The inscription:


Remember you have the beauty that is the essence of life and all that is natural. Even the bee, who is sometimes misunderstood because of it’s sting, is a marvel of nature that spreads cheer, happiness and love.

*Melissa is the Greek word for “honeybee.” Also? Brooke and I are both just hippies at heart.

IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0006


*I’m a genuinely friendly girl, it’ s who I am. My “honey’s” not sweet all the time (ask my mom!). I’m human. Plus, that would be annoying. And fake.


*Stupid eating disorder. It ain’t over… Don’t ever say never. 

IMG_0009 IMG_0010

Love you, Brookie!

When the hey-now are we gonna get started on that book of ours?


And remember our greeting card series? Oh! And remember…….

Tell me about a special friend you have. How well do they know the real you? When did you realize?


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