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I’m an advertising and marketing lover. Yup. I watch TV commercials for sport – it’s the only reason I watch the Super Bowl.

Fruit of the Loom’s recent commercial is just one example of my habit.

I watch. I ponder. I analyze.

Have you seen this one?

On the surface, it seems this commercial is selling positive body image. Nothing wrong with that, right?

BUT why does the commercial “work”?

It “works” because the women featured are – well, they stand out. They aren’t what we’re accustomed to seeing. Because they are… flawed in society’s eyes? I guess? How sad.

Can you imagine the campaign pitch? “A large curvy women enters and proclaims…”

I feel the commercial subliminally perpetuates that “body flaws” exist. It acknowledges, in a way, that there is an ideal body.

The underlying message of defiance— in my mind–implies guilt. That’s not healthy.

Why not use “plus size models” and just sell underwear full stop? Why call attention to their flaws or lack thereof?

Besides…at the end of the day? Those women are flawless.

Would the commercial “work” if we saw women like this declaring their flawless factor?

overweight woman body in underwear

I don’t think that would sell much underwear.

  • Any thoughts?


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