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I know some pretty heroic people. They gift me with support, kindness, giggles, inspiration and so much more. They’ll even come to my rescue.

These past two months I’ve gotten some unexpected deliveries that have simply touched my heart and soul.

For example, the Nuttzo that Lindsay sent me.

bongornot 018

The way to Missy’s heart is through her nut butter.

I spied Nuttzo PF on Lindsay’s blog and became fixated on it. When she found out they didn’t stock it at my local Whole Foods she sent me one!


Um…wow!!! I have been rationing this baby like the liquid gold it is.  (Or..buttery gold?) I’m proud of my restraint.

bongornot 019

There’s a little under 1/2 left. I’ve got plenty of time to get a second mortgage in order to finance my next jar. And there WILL be a next jar. Whole Foods stocks it now. I’m not proud of my lack of restraint. I kind of get attached to things.

Remember this post?


Shortly after sharing my depression dilemma over my gottahaveit flavor of Crystal Light…Katie sent these:

bongornot 015  


I know! So sweet. I’m savoring each and every little drop and not thinking about anything else. One day at a time.

But wait, there’s more!
She also threw in some other things she thought I might like. She was wrong.
I LOVED them.

This sticker for example.

bongornot 009
Little did she know it fits perfectly with my collection of bumper


bongornot 009


She also sent Sandwich Petals .

bongornot 011

I immediately flipped to the ingredients because I avoid flour. I was super-surprised when I read them.


No flour. And though I avoid sugar -  I happily ate them all because I eat what I want.

There are only two other brands of wraps I buy and one of them was being discontinued so – discovering these?


Also. This came.

bongornot 002

I had been sporting my Kindle around in an ankle sock for months and procrastinating getting a cover. I happen to be surfing the net and spied a cute one so I pinned it on Pinterest and …my friend was like “THAT SHALL BE YOURS.”

And boom.

bongornot 025

She delivered me and my Kindle from our naked shame.

bongornot 033

Orange inside!!

Just looking at this makes me happy. And my kindle is happy too.

Wow. So …that was me bragging about all my cool stuff and how lucky I am but I most of toast just want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my peanut butter-filled heart.

bongornot 072 

  • Tell me something.
  • No, really. Just tell me something.

PS- Those wraps?  Them babies be good. SO good you guys. They last forever too. The only place you can get them is through the web. I’m considering ordering some. You can buy them individually here.

PPs- Camera wonky. Pics worse than usual.

PPPS- No mortgage. I rent. I was just being silly me.

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It never fails.

Me: “Mom, you know what?”

June: “What?”

Me: “Come on, Mom…Guess. Guess what?”

June: Sigh… “What??”

Me: Chicken Butt!!

It gets her every time. She’s a constant victim of my ridiculosity.

What can I say? I like to see her smile.

12443_101381443218774_100000407560182_36934_7868107_n[1] (2)

We look alike, no?

I recently wrote about beautiful scars. My Mom has an unfair share of them. Really. It’s not fair.

Here’s just a peek.

Physical scars would include those from four total hip replacements and a knee replacement. She was younger than I am when a Doctor’s mistake caused her joints to erode beyond repair, forcing her to undergo drastic surgery (it wasn’t the quick fix it is today) and leave her in constant pain for the rest of her life.

She fought discrimination in order to graduate nursing school. The head of the nursing department told her she wouldn’t be allowed to finish and she should think about another profession. No hospital would allow her to finish her clinical courses at their facilities; they didn’t want the liability. Without those clinical hours she could never be an RN. She was discouraged, but not beaten. Threats of a lawsuit from a state advocate got the schools attention and she graduated.

All of this while raising children. Her role as a Mother came early in life, in her teens. That couldn’t have been easy.

About those children? She has watched us struggle with alcohol and drug addition, divorce, tragedy, single parenthood, and an eating disorder.

She watched her husband fall ill to a disease which paralyzed him for a year. Though his nerves grew back, he still has trouble walking. I don’t think he’d have gotten through it without her.

Our pain is her pain. She does all she can to help — all the while knowing there is nothing she can really do.

Then she lost a child. That’s left the biggest scar of all — on her heart. When you lose a spouse you are a widow. Losing a parent makes you an orphan. But there is no term to describe what you become when you lose a child.

So see why I like to see my mom smile?

I got her this card for Mother’s Day:



I know I look nothing like the little girl in the picture, but suffice it to say she made a real freaky human in 1978.


“I’m here, I’m weird, Get used to it.”

(Yes, it’s me. Florida girl. Always in a bathing suit.)

And she might deny it, but I KNOW she has a freak flag of her own to fly.


I clearly did not inherit her mammary genes. Nor do I think I inherited her strength. Maybe I will grow into it. I hope so. My mother is the strongest woman I know.

She always tells me :

“Build a bridge and get over it.”

Coming from anyone else that would seem dismissive (and really annoying). But she’s earned the right to say that; she means it. She’s done it. She had to.

She is on a cruise right now, so on her card I gave her my own words of wisdom:


See what I mean? Constant victim of my ridiculosity.


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