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I spent last night canoodling in my pajamas.

No, I haven’t “met someone” and relinquished my single girl status.

I canoodled my radish. <— oh dear. that sounds naughty.



I made daikon-noodles.

Show and Tell 009 Show and Tell 008

What’s it takes to turn this:


into this?

Show and Tell 013

Show and Tell 011

Mad skillz for starters. Or a mandolin.

(I’m mandolin-less but madskillz-full.)


And LOTS of canoodling.

 Show and Tell 002 Show and Tell 003 Show and Tell 006


Here the deal:

You julienne your daikon, sprinkle it with sea or kosher salt and let it sit. The salt extracts water from the radish and it begins to soften. The daikon gets sort-of noodley. Noodlish?

Every 20 minutes or so canoodle your noodle…..or massage your radish.

(Oh good grief.  I swear I am typing this just shaking my head and wondering where this stuff comes from. )

Give it a juuzsh.

Show and Tell 010

The longer you let it sit, the softer it will get. (Oh dear. This could get ugly but let’s not.)

Um…rinse the salt from the radish, drain and … boom. Delicious daikon “noodles in the raw.” I like it just like that, maintaining some of the crisp-crunch. (I plan on fermenting this batch into kimchi.)

You can also boil julienned radish until it gets super-duper soft and much more noodle-esque. Top with marina sauce and nutritional yeast or peanut sauce. Yum.



Daikons are good canoodlers.

PS- Add calories and protein and fat and all that….

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