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Psst…Hey you. Yes You! Are you there? I asked for your questions in my last post and I’ve answered them all in the comments (there wasn’t enough for a separate post). Thanks so much you guys,  that was quite a growth experience for me. (clicky) To anyone else, feel free to ask me anything you want, anytime.

Moving on …Sorry to bore you but duty calls. I’m on a mission, remember?)

Here are some things I’ve ate, thinks I’ve thunk, happenings that happened and random details about me.

I had this miso soup on a particularly stressful day. Miso really is a wonder food and soup in a cup warms the soul. 

 Copy (1) of IMG_0009 Copy (1) of IMG_0008

Miso Soup with Brussels and Scallions

“I like to eat, eat, eat…apples and bananas.” Ever sing that song as a kid?

Copy (1) of IMG_0011

Warmed, sweetened apples and bananas with cinnamon and plain yogurt.

Copy (1) of IMG_0012 Copy (1) of IMG_0010 

After I ate this I thought, “I need more banana in my life.”

Then I giggled cause, that’s what she said.

IMG_0001 Steamed Brussels and Radish topped with my signature Scallion Hummus

(cause it leaves a signature on my breath).

I am really trying to mix up my diet but some things haven’t changed.


Cod Fillet, Asparagus, Zucchini, Onion and Thyme. Again.

IMG_0007Egg Whites and Mustard Greens, packed up for work. Again.  

Copy (1) of IMG_0001 Copy (1) of IMG_00041

Egg Whites and Spinach for brekkie at home. Again.

radish and kaleKale, Radish, Gomasio and Aminos.

Gomasio is sesame seeds and sea salt, Liquid Aminos taste like a mapley soy sauce. Both are HUGE nutrition boosts.

persimmon fail

I cut into my Persimmon only to realize that I accidently picked up a Hachiya rather than a Fuyu. FYI – you have to wait until a Hachiya is superdy-duper squish squash ripe or you’ll gag and have pucker face. You can eat Fuyu straight up (and you should.) This went in the trash after I captured its beautiful butterfly likeness.

You know what else is bitter? Mustard greens…unless you cook them just right.IMG_0020Mustard Greens sautéed in vegetable broth with scallions and nooch, natch.

(nooch, natch. nooch, natch.  Cheap thrills.)

I have NO idea how to get a perfect nut-butter drizzle. I’m not bitter, though. Not with this consolation prize.

IMG_0024Anjou Pear and crunchy almond butter glop-izzle.


Who needs a drizzle when you can glop-izzle?   

Shoo…Sumthin’ bout thems pears and almond butter… Law, that be for my good. Ah’ll tale ya wha. Yess’um.”

I’m reading the book, The Help. Can you tell? I love authors who can capture dialect or invent their own (Burgess’s Clockwork Orange, Roald Dahl).


(Why the heck am I taking pictures of food and posting them on the internet? Click here <—- for the answer)


  • Can you drizzle nut butter? Have you read “The Help?” Ever had the wrong kind of persimmon?
  • Lastly, Do you need more banana in your life? *pillsburydoughboygiggle*

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