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I’ve never been much of a “Tickled Pink” girl.


I’m more of a “Rainbow Brite” type.

rainbow brite 2

But today? Pink has been a re-occuring theme. And I’m not complaining.

In fact, I’m tickled. By what?

This heavenly sight on my desk today.

Show and Tell 052

My Mom has been gifting me with nectars of love for the past couple weeks. (Heaven knows I can’t afford them.)

Show and Tell 048

Finding this little gem on Facebook. Sometimes you just have no words….and then suddenly you do. (thank you ecards)


By hot-pink construction equipment. Genius on so many levels. They’ll really catch your eye, huh? Not the best pic, but you get it.

Show and Tell 001

And that is why I’m tickled pink.

And that was 0:45 seconds of your life you probably want back. LOL.

My point is….wait. I got nothing. How about this, find ONE thing (or person) today to be tickled by. (If you want).

Don’t I make it look fun??

Show and Tell 040     

What’s lighting your spirit up today?

PS – Though I am an ardent fan of pickles, idioms, phrases and messing around with words. I absolutely cannot say “whatever tickles your pickle” because…..*blush* i guess i have a dirty mind and it makes me feel funny.

PPS- Like my screen saver? I put a bird on it. (0;

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