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There is one thing I have complete faith in.

God causes all things to work together for good to those who love him” Romans 8:28

God has plans for us. The best plans. However, he also blessed us with free will and we live in a flawed world filled with human frailty.

Life is a beautiful struggle.

He doesn’t want his children to suffer. It’s never his plan for us to endure abuse, disease, the loss of a loved one, natural disasters, birth defects.

Yet God will weave all these things – all our pain, afflictions, hurts and experiences – into a beautiful tapestry for our life. He makes something with beauty and purpose from whatever scraps and remnants our lives produce — like a phoenix from the ashes. 


He’s a good weaver and that’s not all.

God is a really good writer and he carries a big eraser.

He has a story written out for your life, but you know what?

Tish Happens.

We screw up. Life gets in the way. Tragedy strikes.

When it does, God writes a new chapter for you.


He may sigh a little, but he has no problem ripping out the page and working out a new plot. Even if he has to re-write the same chapter over and over–he’ll never grow weary.

But no author is an island. He needs a little help! That’s where we come in.

We have to be God’s editor; read what he’s written and suggest improvements if we have any or add a few tweaks.

We also have to be God’s publisher.

We need to believe in the story he has written for us, go out in the world and sell it!

What I’m saying is God will always help us work out our purpose in life, even if it changes a whole bunch of times.

But we have to take the time to read the book. We’ve got to hang out with God and use our relationship with Him to strengthen the power of our story.

It’s never too late to flip the script.

God? I’m ready. Let’s DO this.

  • Put it out there. What’s God got written down for you right now? I have to admit I’ve always felt called to teach and I have a real passion for encouraging children to eat healthy….I have a feeling there’s a line or two in my book about that. Of course, you know I have to teach myself to eat healthier first!

For those of you who left comment love on my last post I leave you with this:


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“Do these jeans make my butt look…


..like I have one?”

 IMG_0014  IMG_0016 

C’mon now…do you see it? 

While most women have “skinny jeans” in their closets, I have an arsenal of…um…un-skinny jeans. I haven’t fit into my Lucky jeans in a while. (ever?)

Let me have my moment, okay?

What’s weirder than blogging about your butt? How about my Mom’s Valentine toy for my nephew:


It took me a moment…but I quickly figured out why I found it so off-putting.


IMG_0083 Do you see it?

“Um…Mom? Did you get this at the

adult toy store?”


She told me I had a dirty mind. I told her “No, I have a liberal arts degree.” It’s like a Georgia O’Keefe painting and a Hemingway novel all rolled into one.

Ridiculous. Just how I like me.

  • What’s the weirdest thing you’ve gotten for Valentine’s Day?
  • What’s the jeans-situation like in your closet?

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Ever get a bad haircut?

Other people may like it and tell you how great you look

but at the end of the day… what matters is

whether YOU like it.


Well guess what?




I didn’t get a haircut.


Did I fool you? You still love me, right?

(even though I’m taking photos of myself in the mirror again?)

Moving on.

I didn’t get a bad haircut, but that’s exactly how I feel about my body.

The weight gain is like a bad haircut.


Other people may say I look better this way….the rational side of me assumes I look better this way.

But it doesn’t matter. I don’t like it.

I’m uncomfortable. I don’t feel like me.

It’s like a bad haircut.

It feels funny in the shower*. 

(*ever have “phantom hair” while shampooing after a haircut?)

I don’t like looking at myself in the mirror.


I can’t figure out what to “do” with it. My old styles don’t work.

I can’t stop thinking about it –-

which is frustrating and ridiculous.

“It’s just HAIR SKIN….Get over it!! Seriously. Sheesh.”

But I can’t get over it.


I am not a happy camper.

I got to thinking. (What else is new?)

Lets play pretend.

I get a bad haircut and someone says, “If you hadn’t cut your hair, you’d be dead.” Would I feel a little different?

Can I tolerate the discomfort if it means I get to live?


What about people undergoing chemo? They’re uncomfortable losing their hair. But who cares? They’re fighting for their lives!

And how dare I compare weight gain with cancer?


Sometimes haircuts grow on you.

I’m just hoping my new body will grow on me.


Because I choose life.

(Though I really need to get one, obviously. I had too much fun with those ridiculous pictures. I am still giggling.)


  • Questions, comments, concerns? Please hit me up! I LOVE to hear from you!
  • Did I fool you?

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I’m not going to write about all the reasons I am so thankful this holiday season because…………………

……………..Oh. Excuse me. I fell asleep just thinking about writing that.

Honestly, I’m feeling a lot more “Boo Hoo” than “Boo Yeah” about Thanksgiving.

IMG_0015  Two word: Family Drama. My heart hurts. 

I’m not going to write about that either. I am beyond words, and the situation is beyond my control.

  Which explains my palpable urge to (cliché in 3,2,1) Control the one thing I Can Control. (I warned you).


That’s not an option for me in recovery.

So I decided to reflect on the many things in life I can and cannot control BESIDES eating, food & weight.


I have no control over how I’m greeted upon arriving at work. 


I do have control over my reaction.


“What. Ever. Passive Aggressive Notes. Pshhh. Over it.”

Then I can resolve to be timely because, let’s face it, the dog does not eat my alarm clock. 


I have complete control over my computer screen savers.

(Need a screen saver…go here<——and thank me later.)


I have control over my words, and how I choose to treat people.


IMG_0056 I have no control over my Food Baby. 

I can, however post about it on the internet in a ridiculous manner <———


(I know, I know, no one can see it but me.)




I can decide to develop a love affair with it  (<—-read this!)


And post that on the internet, too.

I can’t help being weirded out, freaked out, and doubting my sanity while taking pictures of myself and food baby in the mirror. But that’s healthy.

 IMG_0116 IMG_0113

IMG_0127 Because…really?







I can’t control the sunshine.

But I  can catch a bit of it….


…and hold it in my hand…


…and savor it while sitting in traffic.

Which I cannot control.


I can’t control the temperature of the pool.

Brrrr! I’m never eager to jump in.



I can control my mindset by thinking,

Seriously? If this is the hardest thing you do today or worry about,  you are one blessed individual.”

*This works in many trials, by the way. Steal it. Use it often.

Then I jump right in.


(That was me, by the way)


I don’t control the motions of a candle’s flame. I like that!

IMG_0004 IMG_0007

I love that so much I light them every night.


In memory.


I can’t control the weather.

But I never doubt that the sun will come out again, or think it will rain forever unless I do something about it. Witness 20 minutes in South FL this morning:

IMG_0053  IMG_0059 IMG_0056IMG_0054IMG_0057


I cannot control my dog, Zoe. (Seriously. Call the dog whisperer)

Exhibit A: 3D sculptures of chewed up carpeting i found yesterday. “Look what I made for you, Mommy!”


Exhibit B: Click Here <——

But I still love her most of the time.


(But, Zoe? Maybe something I can hang on the fridge would be nice. )


I am completely in charge of my magnet collection.

IMG_0041 IMG_0045

I can even make my own magnets —–>Like These<—–


I control how I choose to ADORN my body.

Hence sparkly nail polish…


…Symbolic rings…


…temporary butterfly tattoos…


…commemorative anklets and bracelets…

IMG_0107 IMG_0012

…and shoelaces. (yay!)


I control how I FEED my mind

by what I read:

(currently reading these…)


what I listen to:

(my ‘cheer-missy-up’ playlist)


Though I have difficulty deciding.

Can I get a witness? 10,003 items in my iTunes. Almost 30 days worth.


I control what I watch on the tee-vee…


…and always make responsible choices most of the time.


I can control the time I spend nurturing my relationship with God, and growing in my walk of Faith.







I can’t control the wind, but I can

learn a lot from a kite <—–



I can’t Control the sunset


And I don’t want to.

I’ll never be the artist that God is.

He’s got it under control.


IMG_0051 IMG_0052

Let Go. Let God.

I feel better already.



God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

  • Anybody else facing their control issues lately?
  • Do the Holidays inspire a lot of “need to control” moments?

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