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Can I just……

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I feel better…no…wait…

*&^&%^$. &%^*YG.      &^u 




What is happening?

All the things.
All the things are happening.

All at once, all the time.

And I’m like:


Actually, my life is very simple. I know this. BUT.

I am moving on the 24th; into my first home no less. There have been some serious changes at work that I am excited/stressed about as well as several large projects keeping me busy, new co-workers and DBAs. Lots of change.

On a personal level I am overwhelmed with change….my body (duh), my mind, my thoughts, my opinions, my tastes, my feelings…. are all changing and evolving.  Radically.

I don’t even know.


It’s just… everything feels like happening.


I have gotten rid of over 300 books and more than 1/2 of my wardrobe ( much easier when nothing comes even close to fitting.)

I’m getting rid of stuff and moving on from a lot of things…

including this blog.

tumblr_mj649fyZI81qbvrvlo2_400 (1)


I’m starting fresh on a new blog. I’ve had fleeting thoughts about it over the past two months. But blogging isn’t something I spend a lot of time contemplating… like I always say, this blog writes itself. Once again, this blog is writing itself a new chapter.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about self-hosting and pimping myself out and trying to gain readership and pageviews and actually write something cohesive so my blog made sense. NO. It’ll be me, on another WordPress template just doing my thing. S-O-S.

Except, more emphasis on the “S-O” and less of the “S.”

In the past I never understood when a person talked about starting a new blog, but now I do.

It was REALLY weird for me to think about blogging again… I never really thought about blogging in the first place.  As I was contemplating names and whatever it felt SO stupid to me. Like… why blog?

It became obvious to me: Stop blogging here or stop blogging.


I like having a blog. So.

Things fell into place in my mind- organically. That was important because I can’t/won’t force anything. A “name” came to me. It’s stupid. I don’t care. Don’t worry, it’s not “Sparkles and Peanut Butter.”

Although…. I would definitely check out a blog with that name for sure. Any-

It will still just be “my blog” that I have and keep doing me the same way as I do over here.


I’m not gonna be like “Beautiful Struggle?”:

who was that

Same girl, same blog, just a little fresher.

I hope all my friendlies will stick with me.

See ya in October (or sooner).

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Thank God Yesterday Was Thursday.

Or, TGYWT! <—with necessary exclamation point.

I don’t use the phrase “Thank God” casually. Yesterday was rough. I sucked at yesterday.
Today I’m grateful for a Lord who makes all things new and who gives us the gift of the present day. Shouts out are in high order.


So, TGYWT. When life hands you letters, gather your thoughts and make a list of randomness I say!

Twirly Girly

My hair is super curly-whirly today. I have a habit of twirling my ponytail around my finger and it just kind of sticks – like nature’s curling iron. Better than fingernail biting I suppose.

IMG_0012 IMG_0009

Giggles and Laughs

Sure Fire Ways to Be a Superstar Health Blogger<click here>

I loved this post over on Eden’s blog. Make sure you read the comments, too. Heee–larious. While your there, please say a prayer for Eden and her family who need the peace and comfort only He can provide.

Yummy Vampire Juice

Beets, cucumber, celery, spinach. It was bloody good. *heehee snort*



Wagon, Falling off the

I’m coming clean. After all my hard work<–, I’ve been getting my hands dirty lately. Sigh.

IMG_0020 IMG_0021  IMG_0023


This is My Blog

This is my blog. These are my thoughts. These are my pictures. This is my body. It’s just a silly blog that I enjoy writing. It took me a long time to even write as if anyone was reading it and I still feel weird when I do. Most people who read my blog know me or met me in “real life.” It’s just a hobby. I don’t get thousands of hits a day. 

Trying to make my blog more palatable or appealing feels like censoring myself and what would be the point? I just gotta do me. 

You can please all the people some of the time, some of the people all the time, but you can’t please all people all the time. My blog pleases me. If it doesn’t please you, I appreciate your feedback but there’s not much I can do about it. Ciao!


  • What did you think of the post on Eden’s blog?
  • What do you like about blogging/reading blogs? 

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