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Last night was rough.

I make steps forward in recovery and suddenly find myself crashing through part of the course I already traveled.

I seldom have a clue exactly when I decide to turn my face away from the goal and high-tail it backwards. I just find myself there.




And today, I feel really sad about my life. My situation.

Really upset with myself.



It happens. Keep Moving.

(This is one of my favorite “Missy-isms” I say it to myself quite a bit. )


Practicing “Constructive Living” helps my recovery. By no means have I mastered this, but I do find the teachings really helpful. (when I can get out of my head long enough to employ them)

Constructive Living emphasizes accepting your feelings without trying to change them. You acknowledge them, learn from them, then focus on doing what needs doing.  

“Focus on living well regardless of how you are feeling at the moment.”

Feelings are real –same way this paper mask is real– But they do not define me.

I’m still essentially the same underneath it all.

I could have a montage of last night running through my mind. I could journal about it, think of ways to burn calories get back on track…I can let my whole day be consumed by the past. Trust me. Been there.IMG_0058 

But…I won’t.


I’ll just put on a happy face and “keep moving.”

“Feelings fade over time unless re-stimulated.”

Neurotic suffering grows from self-centeredness, misplaced attention.”


UM…on an ENTIRELY unrelated note…look at this random trippy picture!

My face is cracking me up, too. Totally not posed.
















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