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Stuffs I See and Saw. Shown and Told.


*If Zoe and I were superheros…..



(Old pic)

*Peanut Butter and Jelly makes anything look (and taste) better.

Any guesses what this is? 


*When it’s BOGO, I get all like, “YOLO!”


*For only $19.99 I can have my very own moo-moo.
With a peacock no less!


Seriously, I had never seen these for sale and I seriously considered getting one for my fat azz  had to snap a pic.

*I tried to get a pic of just how different Half-Sour pickles look next to the regulars but this doesn’t do it justice.


*Speaking of Pickles, this joint recently opened nearby: 

IMAG0330 (1)

I will have to investigate. I really hope that they have Overstuffed Salads not just Overstuffed Sandwiches and [regular] Salads.

I like my salads overstuffed.  Heehee… such a kick out of writing that.
Let’s make overstuffed salads happen. Overstuffed is the new hugh jass.

*Look what I found under my car:


IMAG0281 (1)

Not a good place to chill Mizz Turtle.

*I’ll miss chilling with my palm trees on the porch at my apartment.

*Because it seems like in less than a month I will be chilling here: 

With this view.  Beat the parking lot for sure!


I am HOA approved and closing on the condo this week.

*I love when my flat out eggz brown up like this… perfect for “pizza” crust.

 IMAG0321 (1)

Osh. Gotta go… been super busy lately and I didn’t get to share lots of things but I’ll be around.  

I had no intention of blogging just now but… this always happens.. my fingers just found my Livewriter and I started dumping photos.
Now I am out of time!

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