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Life hands us stuff: lemons, blessings, unfortunately located piles of dog poo, rainbows….etc. Not all of it is tasteful, but our job is to make do.

That means thinking WTF and moving on.


Like when it’s time to shop for a bathing suit. 

I swim. A lot. In a heavily chlorinated public pool that annihilates my swimwear in a matter of weeks. That means I buy suits quite often and when I do? I get them CHEAP – sacrificing fashion for function and affordability, I scour the little Girl’s department at Target for something that may remotely pass as suitable for an adult.

As passionate I am about Childhood Obesity, $13 bathing suits is a nice perk.

PS -I ended up going with the tie-dye (they didn’t have the turquoise  in size XL).


So hot.

What I’m saying is I often look like a complete idiot everyday at my gym and idontcurrr….

Other chicks are all Lululemon and I’m over here just like:


Probably not going to help me meet a man.
Whatever. It’s Fine.

Nor will the damsel in distress card when I run out of gas in the middle of the road.
The road worker who helped me push it off the road lambasted me the entire time… “Girl? How old are you?” and “Now, how the heck someone gonna run out of gas?”

He’s right. I’m a grown woman who waits for the gas light to come on. (Until it goes haywire and doesn’t).


A month or so ago my neighbor knocked on my door and alerted me to the fact that she had bed bugs. She also said that bed bugs travel through walls. You should know I think about this each time I have an itch.

I’m still on the fence about whether she is a bit loony or this is legit – but coming home to see this outside her door Sunday was disconcerting to say the least.  

IMAG0304 IMAG0305



I spent an obscene amount of time trying to open this: 
Of course I didn’t have a scissor. That’s why I needed to buy one.
That MF blister pack was making me really stabby … until I just laughed.
Which is exactly what you gotta do in life.


Besides that.

Laugh and think, WTF.

spongebob sparkly

It’s totally fine.


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It had been a while and I had one thing on my mind:

Sunflower Seed Butter.

Yes, that was my mission as I entered my happy place Whole Foods. I intended to make my own, but I remain undecided as to whether that is actually cheaper in the end.
I headed over to pick up
my favorite –MaraNatha Sunflower Seed Butter.

But to my displeasure they were out of stock.
Then, to what my wondering eyes should appear but this little beauty. On sale, no less. $4.99.


I got super excited because I had found the coon!

Say whaaaa?

A certain friendly awesome* of mine had sent me this photo. There is an inexorable mind link for some of my friends between me and PBJ. I love it.

(*Two adjectives can make one noun in my Missyese.)

Coon Butter

She asked if I had tried that nut butter brand before but I’d never seen it – but I got a kick out of that raccoon on the label. So when I saw it in the store I thought “Stacy!” 

Stacy is inexorably linked in my mind with supreme awesomeness. So the Sunflower Butter was purchased.

In the middle of a serious spoonage sesh on the couch I remembered the reason I only buy Maranatha Brand.

It is the only one with no sugar. (If you missed it, I don’t like sugar.)

I flipped the jar over and yup.


Not just sugar, but evaporated Cane juice. Evaporated cane juice as the second ingredient!

Whatever. Totally FINE.

This week I really mean it. For real ‘do.

I’m okay with it and glad it happened. I will be consuming the rest of this butter and I don’t give a coon’s azz. Yes, I am still leery of it but I am swallowing all those thoughts because it’s JUST FOOD.

There was a time when there is no way this would have made it in my cart because I obsessed over food labels (ingredients) determined to stick to my meal plan. I never forgot to check.
There was a time when I would have pawned the open container off on my family – never to be consumed by me again.

But not now.
I am glad that I have a little wiggle room, it makes me feel sane.

PLUS I now know the story behind the coon.


Sorry to bore you, this was kind-of sort of a big deal that turned into the most inconsequential thing ever.
In summary: I bought sunflower seed butter and ate it.

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Life hands us stuff: lemons, blessings, unfortunately located piles of dog poo, rainbows….etc. Not all of it is tasteful, but our job is to make do. That means thinking WTF and moving on. WTF as in: WHATEVER. TOTALLY FINE.

Like…take for instance my latest fashion accessory:


It’s like a scarf…


Except it’s not.

My back and neck are jacked up something FEIRCE.

Whatever. Totally. FINE.

ARRRRggghh. When it rains it pours. Time takes time and the body heals at its own pace. A few months of treating it better may not mean shiz as far as it’s concerned.

I’m thinking God approves for me to sit still on my razzmatazz for a good long while. Groin, Ribs, feet…. HE work all things for good.

So it’s fine! Whatever!

And meanwhile THIS single gal has a bed buddy.


And it will not mind at all if I eat PBJ in bed with it.


I felt bereft if I did not write something today. Who knows why. I’d apologize for lack of content and the over share but then I would apologize every time I write.

But seriously …  please don’t think this is “poor me” drivel.
It’s just …funny to me.

Angering too… health is NOT something to take for granted.

Also I’m bored.


Love to love ya!

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Life hands us stuff: lemons, blessings, unfortunately located piles of dog poo, rainbows….etc. Not all of it is tasteful, but our job is to make do.

That means thinking WTF and moving on.




Hairline fracture to the rib. From leaning over an armrest to grab a pen that had rolled off my desk.

Whatever. Totally Fine.

I’m a champion.


This, my friends, is a product of fine-honed Vitamin D deficiency and malnourishment. WTF. Totally Fine.

No… really. It’s not fine. It’s not funny. It’s LAME and SICK and frankly…it pisses me off. (Yes. Pisses.)

So…in a way? Yeah. Whatever. TOTALLY FINE. Because you know what? I’m DONE with this shiz. Done.

It’s clicking. Miraculously by the Grace of God…  I am getting healthy and I am no longer scared. Fear is fake, anyway.

Meanwhile….don’t worry about me. I’m sure I’ll be okay. I’ve got so much to be grateful for – to look forward to.

Oh and….




  • I miss blogging because I miss …YOU. (Yes, you.) So fill me in…what are you WTFing about.
  • Also, please say hi if you never comment. Please? I’m-a play the sick card.

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Yesterday I got a letter from my friend Jess.

bongornot 012 

Though I don’t look thrilled about it in this picture (wtf), I assure you I was SO happy to hear from her.

See what she did here?

bongornot 006

How could I not write a WTF Wednesday post today?

So here we go.

Did you ever have a “I hate what I’m wearing” day? One of those days where you get ready for work and as soon as you leave the house you start to feel uncomfortable/itchy/boring/fat/skinny/hot…etc.?

It’s like a “bad hair” day. It’s a “bad outfit” day.


I feel brown and blah, like a frumpy-dump.

bongornot 018 

(I have no idea why my face is like that…too funny. I look devastated and disgusted, I wasn’t.)

My waistline is too high, too tight and my my legs feel all suffocated.

bongornot 030

But I’m here. I’m stuck. I deal.

Whatever. Totally fine.

As is the fact they’ve discontinued Ruby Red Grapefruit Crystal Light.

It’s fine. I mean, I’ve been drinking it for like 80 years and there is no other sugar free grapefruit flavored beverage on the market (I researched). It’s gone. Whatever.


It’s fine that I drove to 7 different stores searching for any stragglers left behind. That’s not crazy or anything. It’s fine. Totally not obsessing.

OH and I forgot my lunch today – which means foraging in the office fridge for lunch. I usually have all kinds of back-up, but I must have slacked off.

So for lunch I had romaine lettuce, egg whites, Bragg’s liquid aminos and nutritional yeast. What the….should we just go ahead and call that the anorexia salad? I swear I was hiding when I ate it. Too embarrassing.

I also had 1/2 of an Orgain* to “round out” a classic example of an eating-disordered lunch. It would have been that much better if it were an Ensure. LOL. #whatNOTtodo

Totally fine. It happens. Whatever.

*This is why, though they make me…uncomfortable(?), those protein/meal shakes are a REAL good idea for people with EDs. NUTRIENT DENSITY. I just wanted to put that out there, if I can do it…you can do it.


  • What are you – pshaw – FINE with today?
  • Do you have attachment issues with products (I know you do)…tell me about it! (If you want)


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It’s Wednesday again. (Funny how that keeps happening, huh?) A day to acknowledge that sometimes you have to think WTF.


Life is Crazy. I’m Crazy. Whatever. Totally Fine. Shrug it off.

You with me?

Okay. I’m sore. In my “groin” area. I must have pulled something – though I can’t imagine how. Power driving? Hitting the couch too hard?

Whatever. All I want to do for the past few days is stand like this:

   wtf sore 021

I can’t help it. It’s the only thing that brings relief. Every chance I get at work I’m either standing like that or doing something like this:

wtf sore 028

I don’t even care who sees me.  Awkward. Totally Fine.

Speaking of eggs….

I’ve been eating hard-boiled eggs from Easter. Little did I know, you should really only keep them a week or two.  Oops.

wtf sore 034

But they tasted fine, I’m fine…whatever!

Totally fine.

Then there’s this:

wtf sore 036

I am less than thrilled – (why? i have no clue. stupid eating disorder. frustrating).

BUT sometimes we gotta just shrug it off.

Tell ourselves:  WHATEVER. It’s TOTALLY FINE.

wtf sore 037

It’s totally worth it.

PS-  Orgain actually tastes good. Really! It’s my favorite of all the protein shakes I’ve tried. Super clean ingredients and stats.

Lots of (!) calories packed full of the good shtuffs. Missy recommends.

PSS- Thanks for recommending Orgain months ago,  Lindsay.  I had seen them, but shied away. I drink them often now. Probably because I want to be more like you. (0:

  • Have at it! Let your Freak Flag Fly….what’s your WTF?


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Life hands us stuff: lemons, blessings, unfortunately located piles of dog poo, rainbows….etc. Not all of it is tasteful, but our job is to make do.

Accept and move on.

Sometimes that requires adopting a “WTF” mentality.


Here’s some stuff I’ve been “Totally Fine” with lately.

What’s wrong with this picture?

  Christmas 2011 014

Can you find the things that do not belong?

Socks. Shoes. Pants. Sleeves. Sweater. Layers.

(No visible bra strap.)

Christmas 2011 017

Freaking Layers. Really?

 Christmas 2011 021

I hate (HATE!) cold weather. I was considering a lounge by the pool last weekend and now this:


Whatever. It’s Totally Fine. I live in Florida and this is as bad as it will get. I seriously don’t understand how “you people” do it. #Floridagirl4ever


On New Years Eve my Mom treated me to a lobsters dinner.


That wasn’t a typo. I meant lobsters. Plural.

I ate two (2!) entire Maine lobsters. Whatever. Totally Fine. Happens everyday. Normal.

The rest of my family ate Chicken Parm while I tackled $40 worth of seafood. I’m spoiled.  Totally Fine.

My nephew was fascinated by the entire lobster “event.”

“That’s disgusting Aunt Missy

 Christmas 2011 012

No worries, he’s like “WTF, I love her anyway.” 

Christmas 2011 014 

Wrinkles. Totally Fine. I think there’s like a cream for that or something. In my medicine cabinet. Getting dusty.

At least I don’t have age spots.

Christmas 2011 023

Those are blood blisters. Whatever. Totally fine. I got pinched in my beach chair…they’ll just remind me of how lucky I am to be a Florida girl despite this gruesome cold snap.

  • What are you WTF-ing lately?
  • I’m getting that weird thing that happens when you say a word too many times…”layers, layers, layers…”

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