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I’ve been thinking and guess what?  There are some thinks I think you should know. Because.

1. I think you should know that in the game of stupid diet books, this one wins the Championship for stupidest title.


2. I think you should know that in South Florida it’s common knowledge that “Dolphin” is another name for Mahi-Mahi. I had some this week.


I was reading about a blogger who wrote about eating Dolphin and a bunch of people on the interwebs were like “GROSS! SHE EATS FLIPPER! WHAT A CRAZY!” and I was all like “Pshh…y’all look crazy to me – maybe its because I live in Florida, but its common knowledge that when you order or buy dolphin your not eating Flipper the porpoise.”
And they were all like “Shut up.” So I did.

I am now imparting this wisdom to you. I would investigate before ordering Dolphin in Japan, but in America the dolphin we eat looks like this:

3. I think you should know I find this sign to be a little discriminatory.


Those cars are expensive… I would LOVE to drive one if I could afford to. This seems like class privilege. Or maybe I’m just jealous. Or dumb.

Or Obnoxious.

That may or may not be my gas guzzling minivan parked there when it’s the only spot left at the library but yes it is. *blush* I still feel wrong about it.
Someone beat me up please.

4. I think you should know I have stripes and that people pay good money for stripes.

A woman asked me yesterday if my hair was natural. When I told her that God and I grew it this way she said, “Oh, so beautiful! People pay good money for that… for the stripes.”  Stripes?

This forced me to awkwardly investigate later on and write about it here because this picture is hilarious.


It was seriously a “Who the… WHAT AM I DOING?” moment.

I’m-a stop now because this is too much. Did not plan it this way but I guess the gist is this:
I think you should know I am obnoxious. The End.

  • Ever tried Dolphin?
  • I love the idea of that sign but do I have a point or am I totally missing something? (Honestly, I think I may be).
  • What do you think I should know?

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Just thought you should know.

Yesterday was the most WTF Wednesday that ever WTFed.

Whatever. Totally Fine. Tomorrow I’ll be all “TGYWT.”

Today? I’m-a have me my moment.

  • Re-write the Charlie Brown cartoon above and get a giggle on:

“When you’re depressed it always helps to sniff peanut butter.  Peanut butter works hard to smell like happiness and love and likes to be admired.”

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I’ve been thinking and guess what?  There are some thinks I think you should know. Because.

1. Unicorns are real. This I know.


This I know, for the Bible tells me so. Tells me so 9 times, in 5 different books, by at least 5 different authors. (Google it.)

So there.
Take that however you want, but now you know. Just in time for the world to end tomorrow.

It’s still not to late to repent and accept Jesus into your heart and believe in unicorns.

2. Wine Glass Sippy Cups. I think you should know I do not approve.

I won’t go into it again. 


3. Stainless steel appliances may not be the best way to go if you have even slight OCD or neat-freak tendencies. I think more people should know this.

Why? This.

You can’t even clean it with “normal” cleanser because that makes a fog.

ANYWAYS….I think there should be a washable “sticky” type of decal (in black) you can place on handles and “high frequency” areas. You’d be able to peel on and off to wash whenever you want.
Why is there not something like this on the market? 

Closest I can find is this:

which is pretty clever and I thought you should see it.

I also think you should know that yes, these are the things I think about.

2. Because this…..

4. I don’t understand these. I think they are wrong…or I’m getting it wrong (but I’m not.) 

5. I think you should know that I am fully aware of how ridiculous my blog is.


So what? I have fun. And sometimes, maybe I have some good stuff to share like…

6.  I think you should know:


I think you should do this ….many times… on Christmas day.

Love, Jesus, is always available to us. Always here.

Be present and experience His Presence. If only for a moment.
Give praise.

*And for those of you who don’t jive with Jesus, or unicorns… please let the message stand. Absorb the love this Christmas. It’s all around.

Peace, Blessings and All my love (mean it!),


   xmas 003  

Ps- Sorry for my busted-ness in this pic. (not to be confused with bustiness) Rough week.

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I’ve been thinking and guess what?  There are some thinks I think you should know. Because.

I think you should know that leggings and blousy tops are my new everyday uniform.

mememe 012

They are a girl’s best friend when recovering from a food thang… whether you’ve got weight to gain or weight to lose. 

So please do not come at with me this attitude anytime soon. I have quite a long ways to go.

I think you should know that a friend of mine sent me these bracelets a while ago.
mememe 026 

I have been wearing them ever since and they must be blessed. They are like talismans in my journey to change save my life. Everyday I put them on and have the sense I am donning my armor.

Thank you Mel!!!

mememe 024 mememe 023

I think you should know that:

1. Having people who believe in you is important.

2. Believing in yourself is more important.

3. Faith in God is vital.

My faith allows me to believe…strengthens my knowledge that I can will do this. #Matt 19:26

I think you should know that playing with your hair is an excellent way to get your mind off…other things.
I tried –> this <– and failed miserably. Boo.
mememe 039

But whatever.  Totally Fine.

mememe 034 

And I thought you should know. Because. LOL.


  • What is your go-to uniform when life may not be so comfy but you need to be?

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It’s Thursday (oh, really?) AND…..I’ve been thinking (oh. really.)

Guess what? There are some thinks I think you should know. Because.


It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood.

bongornot 006 bongornot 003 bongornot 004 bongornot 005

Finally. Living in Florida is worth every Storm Season, but gray and soggy weather makes me feel….gray and soggy.


I think you should know what an ampersand looks like. I think you should know this will change your life.


You can’t unlearn that. You can forget it, but you can never un-know it.


My “Greens, Eggs SANS Ham-cakes” are back in full effect.


(Needs a side order of calories). You should know that adding poppy seeds to ugly food ups the ugly factor by 10%.



I think someone in my apartment complex has a crush on me. This has been outside my apartment for days now.

 bongornot 001

I must have a secret admirer who truly understands the nature of my soul.

And I do mean SOUL. That’s gold spray paint. Big Pimping, Baby.
Burt seriously, I NEED THIS RIDE SO BAD………..

bongornot 002 

My sore rib has prevented me from hopping on and taking it for a cruise but my rib feels better. It is SO on. (Yes, I will really do this and yes, I’ll return it. You get away with stuff like that when you smile pretty).

If it WERE mine, I’d pimp it out my style. Glitter. Rainbow Glitter. Disco Ball reflectors. Maybe a helmet for special occasions.




I think you should know that while rationalizing paying $3.50 for this bag of deliciousness (and I think you should)….

Please know that there is a 70% likelihood you will eat the entire bag in one sitting (and I think you should). It’s a pricey ticket to 180 calories and 20 minutes of heaven is all. Your worth it.


  • What do you think I should know?

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I’ve been thinking (again) and guess what?

There are some thinks I think you should know.



If you watch Young Adult (and I think you should) and you’re a GenX/GenY hybrid like me, be prepared for a sanity-threatening earworm.

young adult

You may find yourself stuck with this song by 4 Non Blondes for a day or so. You’ve been warned.

The 90s.  You just had to be there.

4 Non Blondes 4nonblondes3


I think you should know about my big carrots.

(That was probably the best and most ridiculous thing I ever wrote on my blog. Love it. It says it all. It should be in the header. I digress).

Show and Tell 022    I like my carrots big (get your mind out the gutter) because you can cut them into big disks or strips that are perfect for dipping. I blanch them and keep them in the fridge for easy access.

Show and Tell 042 Don’t even come at me with baby-cut or petite. No way. I grab a few of these at the Farmer’s Market every weekend when I pick up my crack-hummus and I’m never more than 30 seconds away from happiness. Show and Tell 043 


I think you should know that eating at Olive Garden is good for your soul.


Darden Corporation, which owns a lot of chain restaurants like Red Lobster and Olive Garden, donate their leftover food to feed hungry kids and families.

Other restaurants participating are KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Cheesecake Factory, Chipotle…(complete list here). 


The restaurants work with this awesome organization; going out of their way to makes sure no food goes to waste.

It’s safe and sterile, of course.


And awesome.

If you eat at these places you can give yourself cool points.

  • What do you think I should know?

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I’ve been thinking (again) and guess what?

There are some thinks I think you should know.



Pictures can be REALLY misleading.

TGiving 2011 012

Rest assured. No animals were harmed during the snapping of this photo.

TGiving 2011 013

(Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful).



Strawberry “pores” give me gooseshivers.

  images large-pores-on-face 


Pores, in general, give me the willwonks. (Don’t get me started on…spores *shiver*).  Happily, I can still eat them despite this.  But when I really look….I trip out.


Someone needs to invent a word that rhymes with Orange already.


I’ve spent inordinate amounts of time pondering the possibilities (I’m weird like that) and the best I can come up with is:

Borange – Something that is boring. i.e., “That is a borange book.”

See the problem with that? Why not just say the book is boring?

This causes me a great deal of frustration, this lack of orange rhyming business.

2 151e364378d581e7340d33115e1fcffea1b6d567_m


The drummer from Def Leppard’s only got one arm

x Rick allen RL 776px-RickAllen

I knew this even before that old Bloodhound Gang song. And if you didn’t know this, you do now.

Thank me later.


These Holiday cookies are cute and seem easy to make.

If you bake, that is.


I don’t bake.

But I thought you should know.

Because. That’s why.


PS -  Visiting my Pinterest Board of adorabilty will instantly dissolve the barrage of ugly images I have just thrown at you. (Sorry for that!)

  • Learn anything new today?
  • What do you think I should know?

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