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My mom says I’m picky….I say I’m particular.

There are certain things (mostly random and inconsequential) that I just….demand feel very certain about. FOR ME.
No judgment. It’s not about you….it’s all about me.


I drink wine from a wine glass.

Anything else is wrong. Simple as that.



Multi-level wrongness.

Still abominable. NO.

Also….no designs.

Especially not hand painted. 

Or with words. Or Names. Or numbers.

Not even Butterflies.
(Yes, you read that correct.)

I know these are gorgeous, but no colors either.

I can’t see the beautiful color of the wine nor the legs.

As for these trendy and fashionable novelties…


Loathe them Sam-I-Am style.

Just as I loathe this:

Bowl Grabbers. Or…I should say bowl warmers.

Or, I should say, I loathe the thought of myself doing that. *shudder* It’s just wrong.

LC can do it. 

You can do it, too. NBD.

But ….. ಠ_ಠ.

What can I say?

That’s just me.

mememe 007

And I’m-a do me.
Ain’t nobody gonna get hurt…..so why not?

Just one more thing. The overpour.

*warning* bowl grabbing squared in 3…2…1…


It’s crass. 


2-4 oz please. 5 at tops. It’s not going anywhere. Keep it in the bottle. When in doubt use the three finger rule for mine, server-friend. 

So wrong.

  • What’s one of your “particulars?” (wine-drinking or otherwise)?

PS- Years ago I totally owned that Pier One Blue Swirl Wine glass. Shrug. Tastes evolve. LOL.

PPS-  I drink wine out of most anything when it’s offered, I’m a guest etc….. but as for me and my home.

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