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Thank Goodness Yesterday Was Thursday Or, TGYWT! <—with necessary exclamation point. It’s that time again. Because TGIF is so 1989.  Because I love me a good acronym.

Let’s do this.





Green Tea Soda Detox

(Thanks for the winspo Joss!)











This Condo. Maybe. *Fingers Crossed*

 H908724_301_12 H908724_401_12 H908724_601_12 H908724_701_12 H908724_801_12 H908724_B01_12


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Thank Goodness Yesterday Was Thursday Or, TGYWT! Because TGIF is so 1989.  Because I love me a good acronym.

I then use each letter to write about something and post it on the internet. Because that makes sense.


Full of things that make me smile. No purchase necessary.

IMAG0049 IMAG0050 

Divine, indeed.


You’d think my parents would miss me when they travel.
You’d be wrong.










They’ve been all the places. This is just a smidgen. Makes me so happy for them.

When I have the pool all to myself.
Who’s House?  #owningit.


I found my new “favorite Ts” (at Target, naturally). They are super-soft, v-neck, long… perfect.


The face is meant to reflect my caption.


I’m hilarious. (No I’m not).
But it’s true… my Instagram and Feedly are populating with everyone traveling to Blend and the excitement is a little contagious. Even though the only friendly I know there would be
Lindsay, I’d like to meet some of the bloggers I stalk.

I doubt I’d fit in though, with all the working out and stuff. Could I sit on the sidelines with a Bloody Mary and just watch? *wink* Maybe next year, if I get my act together and quit smoking start doing burpees. 

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Thank Goodness Yesterday Was Thursday Or, TGYWT! <—with necessary exclamation point. It’s that time again. Because TGIF is so 1989.  Because I love me a good acronym.

I then use each letter to write about something and post it on the internet. Because that makes sense.

Tell me how lucky I am -  I won this new phone on Katie’s blog!! Sometimes I like to take a break from winning and win some stuff. LOL.

I finally get to do the cool phone things all the cool-phone-having people do.

Health Blog Posts 

Glitter wallpaper may be too much of an awesome thing.

I probably shouldn’t even know about this…

These, on the other hand, are dazzling. I mean….stop it. Make it stop. *swoon*

You. Just be you. Find out who you really are – not who you want to be. Cultivated personalities are painfully transparent.

When you just CAN’T EVEN with somebody….


Thanksgiving is coming and I want to share a memory. It’s going to be long – get your scroll finger ready. LOL. (I’m pretty much bearing my soul here and I’m not going to scrutinize what I write for how it might be interpreted. So bear with me). 

Holiday dinners can be complicated for those with eating dis-order. As for myself? They’re not that big of a stress…. perhaps because I’m not tempted much by the traditional fare and I’m always offered “Missy friendly” options. That may be a controversial approach, I understand, but I don’t think of it as family enabling. I think of it as kind – and really a non-issue for me in my pursuit of recovery. But who knows? My mind is always open.

What does trouble me to think about is how my niece and nephew have grown up witnessing my food choices in tandem with my eating dis-order.  I just don’t know what to make of that. Well, there’s nothing really TO make of that. Yes, it motivates me to get better but dang if this mess isn’t hard to beat.

It bothers me particularly when it comes to my niece. I can’t explain the special place in my heart I have for her… it is like a soul connection.



I stumbled across this picture a few years after it was taken and it immediately took me right back to the moment.

Besides the sheer joy and privilege of sitting next to my niece (I lived in Texas at the time and didn’t see her as much), what I vividly recall is a moment when she spontaneously took her little finger and traced the prominent vein in my arm while we were sitting. (You could press on it and watch the blood fill the vein back up #stupidhumantricks.)

I was (and still am) ashamed of “the vein-thing.”  It’s not normal and it’s freaky looking but mostly because I know why it’s there. My flush of embarrassment quickly turned to the realization of the gravity my eating dis-order may have on a growing young girl. It pained me then and … it pains me now. My motivation to recover has still not eclipsed the stronghold of what holds me back.

To think she has never – in her LIFE – seen me eat a “dessert.” Ever.
It’s just….what would that be like? What does that do? T
he entire situation really weighs me down even though I know as an Aunt and a person I’m super awesome. There is always gonna be that element in my life-file. I watch what I say very carefully and I will smack her silly if she ever goes on a diet and I’ve always told her how beautiful she is…etc. But…at the end of the day actions speak louder than words.


To this day, I still scramble to sit beside her at the table. There is always plain difference between my plate and the other plates at the table and for the most part? That’s just me and I’m at peace with my dietary preferences (the ones that aren’t “behaviors” that is).

There’s one spinach casserole that I struggle with (which is a behavior because DANG I love that stuff) and challenged myself with last year. I’m looking forward to having it this year, as well.

This year I am also planning on making dessert for my vegan nephew. I’m thinking — even if I don’t have a sweet tooth – maybe it would be nice for my family’s sake to see me eat a dessert and taste whatever it is I’m gonna make.

I’m not able to be a healthy role model now – but I can make an effort to be with little actions in the meanwhile. 

My niece, by the way – and you know I watch her like a HAWK – seems perfect. I think there may be NO better person to detect the smoke signals and warning signs of dis-ordered eating than someone who’s lived it.

Today’s Prompt for NHBPM is  “Tell a descriptive story about a memory.” I chose to take one of my two days off yesterday as I needed a serious reconnaissance with ME.

Previous posts can be found here.

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Thank Goodness Yesterday Was Thursday Or, TGYWT! <—with necessary exclamation point. Yes Siree Bob*,  It’s that time again. Because TGIF is so 1989. Because I’ve had a rough week. Because I love me a good acronym.

(*Who the heck is this Bob dude anyways? And why did I just write that?)

This is how I feel about the upcoming election.


To be honest — I’m very confused, still undecided, clueless and uninformed. I always explain to people– “they don’t do politics on Food Network.” Also, glitter > politics, news and well..most things really. LoL~wink

I have both debates on DVR so I have a mentally and emotionally exhausting night ahead of me.

Good thing I know the cure for that.

(*Have fun with this website…OR do something productive. Clearly I chose the former)

—–> insert interesting and clever segue here <—–

Yum. I’ve been doing coffee these days (thanks to Sbux Blondie) but rarely have it hot. But today the AC was on, the sky was dreary and I cuddled up to a cup and pretended we have seasons here.

comfy 002

opaopa 145

Playing pretend is all I want to do (#quotemeonthat, #storyofmylife). I DO NOT do cold. I suck at cold. I’m fine down here in SoFla without pretty leaves.

Wearing my new “uniform” – or FGCs as I lovingly call them – means my legs are covered most of the time now so the slight change in temp we do have will be easier to accept.

Don’t I look cozy? Like…I just woke up out of bed? LOL. Clothing. I’m doing it wrong. Whatever. Totally fine.

comfy 005 

No, nothing’s wrong — my face just always looks like that unless I am smiling.

This sums it up entirely.

What you just read is the the plague of my existence. LoL. For reals. SO me. I need this on a small card to pass out – like the ones deaf and mute people carry.

How was that for a whole lot of no-things! WOT but Weee….
Happy weekends!

  • What’s your T, G, Y, W or T…or all of em?

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Thank God Yesterday Was Thursday.


I don’t use the phrase “Thank God” casually. Yesterday was rough.  I sucked at yesterday.  In fact I kind of suck at doing these past two weeks.

I’m grateful for a Lord who makes all things new and who gives us the gift of the present day. And weekends. Thank you, God.

SO without further ado about nothing I present to you five no-thangs that begin with T-G-Y-W & T.  Because.



I hear ya, Boo. For real. I’m a water retention phenom today. I am certain if I were wearing socks they would hurt. Whatever. It’s fine. Those Terra chips are well worth it.


I’ve been feeling a bit ornery of late and I’m not used to getting so…irritated. But let’s just say I’m done wasting my time.
For. Real.
I am so tired of people picking apart every thing I say, do or choose and labeling it as eating disordered. Literally. Tired! I understand these may be gestures of caring…but I can’t keep explaining myself again and again it’s EXHAUSTING. And the audacity of some people is a little over the top.

I am 34 years old. I’m a grown woman. An intelligent one. I know myself better than you do. As does my Therapist. Which you are not. My eating disorder is different than yours is or was. I am capable of making my own decisions and forming opinions that are independent from my struggles. Say what you need to say but I don’t have energy to explain anymore.



Just Yay.

Wanna see a picture of me when I was widdle?

I want a spin-off of that dress so badly. Navy blue, white..polka dots.…strawberries. My style hasn’t evolved.


Taking a spin on my phat ride. <—remember?


My bestie requested proof. 

ridingdirty sittingpimp

Ain’t no thang.

Really. It’s nothing.

PS- I actually don’t use the term bestie. Neither does she. In fact it’s so not us— that it’s wus. Because I am so sure she laughed when she read the word “bestie”

PPS- This is me when I get my “bee” on.  Coincidentally processed carbs make me moody like that. But again, Terra chips are worth it.

I’ll be back Monday. Happy weekends!!

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Thank God Yesterday Was Thursday.

Or, TGYWT! <—with necessary exclamation point.

I don’t use the phrase “Thank God” casually. Yesterday was rough. I sucked at yesterday.
Today I’m grateful for a Lord who makes all things new and who gives us the gift of the present day. Shouts out are in high order.


So, TGYWT. When life hands you letters, gather your thoughts and make a list of randomness I say!



Tofutti Better than Cream Cheese

I go through food crazes and lately I’m cuckoo for not-cream cheese.


I use it to dip chips, crackers, veggies, and fruit. I put it in wraps, with eggs, with “crabmeat” (<– I had a craving. I went with it. Sugar, starches, artificials and all. )

I even spread it on my pickles. (What? You knew that was coming.)

I will not, however, attempt to eat it with kimchi.

Or will I? muahahahaha.

TGiving 2011 015_OrtonStyle_1

Grey’s Anatomy

Last nights episode anyone? A women loses her long-term boyfriend after a tragic accident. Their final time together was not the best and they never got the opportunity to kiss and make-up.


Anyways….When Lexi opens the locket? Yeah. I almost lost it.

Also…how beautiful is Chyler Leigh? I like her name.



You need a giggle. I decided.



Wanna see a picture of baby me? 

Charles & Melissa 04'79

I KNOW…right? Fatty Boombalatty! I eventually lost the pudge, but the cheeks? They’re forever.

PS- That terrified looking kid on the left is Charles. We were inseparable until age 3 when he moved away…he sent me letters and cards until I was in middle school. I have a way with the boys.



Thank you for the feedback on my last post. I took it all in and relaxed a bit.  I am officially done thinking of “my blog” or whatever this thing is as anything more than a silly little place I write things down and share with friends.

I’m not a “blogger.”


I just have a silly little blog.

Imma get back to doing what I do, how I do, the way I do.

  • I want your randoms!!! <—whoa. Where did those come from?

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Thank Goodness Yesterday Was Thursday.

Or, TGYWT! <—with necessary exclamation point.

It’s that time of the week when I take letters and let my fingers do the talking. About? Nothing much. But, no buts. Here I go.



Poor turkeys.



I ate an entire bag of these in two days. In two sittings. I didn’t feel guilty about it….until later that week when I ate another bag in ONE day. In two sittings.

Now I feel a little guilty. Mostly because those are expensive chips! *Whole Foods has coupons for you AND they are currently on sale. Who can resist?

Also, I saw a new flavor that I know would appeal to many blogsburgh residents. I don’t do sugar, but these look pretty amazing.



You might want to check your peanut butter.

smuckers chunky peanut butter

There is a recall on Smucker’s Natural Chunky peanut butter in some states. You can click here for more info. I currently have two jars of this stuff but luckily Florida is not one of the affected states. Phew.

*sidenote* I had a contaminated jar of peanut butter a few years back and was feeding it to my dog, Zoe, with her pills. She was SO sick. Poor Zoe. I was fine, probably because I am bigger. (But I almost got sick cleaning up the mess it left behind.) I felt so bad when I heard about the recall and checked my labels. Sure enough….

Poor Zoe.

Picture 060

Why is the government just making stuff up?

Pizza is a vegetable.

What the…say WHAT?  *shakingmyhead* So sad.

I’d give it to them if the pizza was something like this:

Purpose: Recipe Magazine
 Recipe Category: Main Dishes - Meatless
 Recipe Category: Main Dishes - Pasta
 Photographer: Tad Ware & Company Inc.
 Format: Digital
 Recipe Category: Main Dishes - Vegetables
 Client: Bill Monn
 Pillsbury Recipe Magazine 258
 Grilled Fresh Vegetable Pizza  
 Ravioli with Vegetables  Pages 48-49
 Title: Simply Vegetarian   August 2002
 Date Shot: April 2002

But NO. Oh, no.


It’s the same old frozen cheese pizza-like square we all grew up with. 

The vegetable is in the tomato paste. Brilliant.

That means french fries and ketchup are double whammies for that pesky, expensive vegetable quota. Awesome.

This reminds me of of one of my favorite Homer quotes:



Those numbers at the bottom of checks give me anxiety.

sample check

Why, oh, why can’t we just use a normal font? A nice Helvetica or Times New Roman? I frequently have to transcribe routing and account numbers at work. I have to get it right –large sums of other people’s money are involved. It makes me squirrely.

::|| 00:: <— is that two ones? or just lines? do I include those zeros in the routing number or not? Such tension, such tension.

That is all.

Happy Day.

  • Are you eating turkey this week? No judgment. I’ve been eating Turkey about twice a year for a few years but I think I might have to pass this year. My vegetarian sensibilities have returned in full effect. I never really felt right eating it anyway. But it’s good. And my body can use it.
  • Have you pigged out on anything lately? Don’t leave me all alone.
  • What are some of your favorite Homer/Simpson’s quotes? Please do not leave a comment telling me you don’t like or have never watched The Simpson’s. I don’t want to know. I can’t handle the truth. And I want us to still be friends. (0;

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