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Today I woke up feeling less than stellar. I was attacked by squirrely thoughts the second my eyes opened; thoughts of restricting…”You’ve just been eating TOO much, lately. Take it easy…etc”

It was really annoying.

Good thing I read Angela’s ‘Road to Health’ post yesterday. It stuck with me. Each day is an opportunity to choose health and happiness. Not everyone gets that opportunity. My brother doesn’t.

This morning I chose to be positive.

I got out of bed and went for a walk. Not to burn calories, but to remind myself how much energy and strength I am gaining and enjoy the weather.

I remembered the video Dana shared on her blog – and how much it really moved me. I LOVE this so much:

I think we’re born with an unbridled sense of gratitude and confidence. Remember when everything was A-OK just as it was? You got sad and then felt better. You went to school and played until it was bedtime. When did we decide everything needed to be changed; improved?

I want my inner Jessica back.

When I got home I knew what I had to do.

I now present you….Missy’s “Daily Affirmation”

*Forgive me—it was early and my make-up is all crazy.

Today I’m choosing to be positive about myself.


(And that might mean having bigger thighs…)

*If you love Jessica as much as me you’ll love watching her here. This version is also nice. (I seriously want a Missy Daily Affirmation Dance Floor Remix)

My question to you is:

What will you do today to reclaim your inner Jessica?


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1. You are the embodiment of self-centeredness, self-absorption, and selfishness.

2.  You waste too much of my precious time.

3.  When I am with you — people LITERALLY stare at me. It’s like they can sense that I am beaten down by you….that I deserve better.

4. You trick young girls and women into thinking you are perfect and cool.  They become obsessed over you — creating websites devoted entirely to worshipping you. These websites make me throw-up in my mouth, they make my eyeballs burn.

4. With you, I am never satisfied in bed. I never lay down at night feeling like I got all my needs met. You make me feel disgusting for even having needs at all.

5.  Ours is a toxic relationship –You demand 100% of my time and attention. You will not tolerate any time spent outside our usual routine. I have lost out on many relationships with family and friends because my time is entirely devoted to you.

6. You Lie. You Cheat. You Steal……all to get what you want.

7. You call me at work — interrupting me for the most MUNDANE things like “what’s for dinner…how long are you gonna be at the gym tonight….” and my boss is noticing.

8. You are NO FUN. You are boring. All you ever want to do is go to the gym or the grocery store.

9.You’re so vain and self-conscious — you probably think this blog is about you.

10. You hog the bathroom.

guess who I’m talking about?

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