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See that iced tea? That stuff is legit.


Wow. My first foray into fridge photography. #youmightbeabloggerif

Someone help me. However, I gots to admit…I do enjoy peeping what’s creeping in other people’s refrigerators and I know I’m not alone. Heck, there are worse perversions to have.


This morning Hedda got me started with a little Bob Marley, which then led to some Lenny Kravitz and somehow I ended up here:

Ahh…the intricacies of my mind.


On the way home from work I heard a story that touched my heart. Here’s the scoop:

An abandoned baby in Africa was found by a dog who proceeded to stand guard over it; refusing to leave the baby’s side in order to protect it. Nobody was looking for the baby. However, one distressed dog owner was looking for her dog.

The dog would faithfully return to his home each evening. When she didn’t show that night, the owner sent out a search party the next day.

The search part found the dog curled around the baby, who was then taken to a hospital and is doing okay.

Isn’t that the stuff right there? I mean…it is so amazing how the dog knew that vulnerable precious spirit needed protection. She abandoned her own needs and comfort and acted on pure instinctual love. . She was probably worried about her owner as well.

Just wow. God’s hands are ALL up in that.
I’ma go hug Zoe. 

PS- When I got home I googled the story and found a few articles and not a one gave the gender of the dog so I just picked she.
Here’s some linkage:

From Huffington Post

From the Christian Science Monitor


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Last man standing.

This little guy jumped into my cart a few weeks back. One of my favorite reds. $4.99. Yup! I’m rarely in the mood for red but when I am I’ll be equipped.


An email exchange with a friend gifted me with the perfect groove for my afternoon. Care to Join me?

Come on now…just skip the ad! It’s Friday.


Speaking of simmering down, I’m in need of that myself. I was thinking I might bring that Beaujolais over to my friend’s place but I don’t think I want to share. (*winkwink* Sushi Sunday girl!)

Simmer down means to become calm after excitement or anger. OR in my case? Just life. I always need to have some sort of break at the end of the day before I declare it chill o’clock.

I used to swim after work but lately I’ve been strapping on my pod and just cruising around my hood (what the… where did that come from? strapping on the pod? srsly?). I listen to sermons, podcasts or music according to where my head’s at.

IMG_0001       IMG_0008 

Get lost in the clouds.


Works like a charm.

I just got back and I’m about to shower, do some B&D (Bible study and devotionals*)… then…hmmm…I’m thinking more B&D. Beaujolais and Dinner.

  • How do you simmer down?

  • Angela blessed my life with the most beautiful devotional. It speaks to me each and everyday. Yesterday for example. After I finished my blog post from yesterday. If you read my post you may want to read it. It was spot on ..exactly what I needed. I’ll leave it in the comments.

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Look what I saw while taking out the trash this morning.

What does this look like to you?

bongornot 002 

I don’t know…to me this looks like a giant (and inventive) homemade bong. Er… I mean water pipe.

Giggling…I was like “Na-ah.”

And went to admire inspect the craftwork ….

bongornot 001

of a pool pump.

I really need to grow up.


I suppose my bong-mirage this morning got me thinking of the song I Love You Mary Jane which led to my jam of the day…Fallin’ – a collab between Teenage Fanclub and De La. Listen (if you want). Let me know if you do.

“Travelling at the speed of love….”


I listened to a message wherein the Pastor touched on the importance of a teachable spirit. A light bulb lit my brain; I realized those were the precise words to describe an aspect of myself I truly love. (The list isn’t long, so I cherish each and every one.) I could never find the right words; now I have them.

I have a teachable spirit.

Since then, I’ve been pondering and contemplating the qualities and benefits of a teachable spirit (as I often do when moved by God).

My “teachable spirit” is my willingness to learn from almost every aspect of life, it is my eagerness to hear, consider and often accept other points of view, my openness to critique and ability for self examination and self-doubt.

The only thing I truly KNOW is that I DONT KNOW everything.

I’m secure in that. I think the lack of a teachable spirit indicates a level of insecurity in a person. They refuse to be corrected, or feel like they are under attack when an alternative is mentioned, they are defensive and quick to argue their point.

I think that person would miss out on so much of life and the world.

He who ignores discipline despises himself, but whoever heeds correction gains understanding. Prov15:32

Well then.

I can go on and on. I won’t.

But you can (if you want).

PS- It was a pool pump (or was it?). Right? Right?


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