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Stuffs I See and Saw. Shown and Told.


*If Zoe and I were superheros…..



(Old pic)

*Peanut Butter and Jelly makes anything look (and taste) better.

Any guesses what this is? 


*When it’s BOGO, I get all like, “YOLO!”


*For only $19.99 I can have my very own moo-moo.
With a peacock no less!


Seriously, I had never seen these for sale and I seriously considered getting one for my fat azz  had to snap a pic.

*I tried to get a pic of just how different Half-Sour pickles look next to the regulars but this doesn’t do it justice.


*Speaking of Pickles, this joint recently opened nearby: 

IMAG0330 (1)

I will have to investigate. I really hope that they have Overstuffed Salads not just Overstuffed Sandwiches and [regular] Salads.

I like my salads overstuffed.  Heehee… such a kick out of writing that.
Let’s make overstuffed salads happen. Overstuffed is the new hugh jass.

*Look what I found under my car:


IMAG0281 (1)

Not a good place to chill Mizz Turtle.

*I’ll miss chilling with my palm trees on the porch at my apartment.

*Because it seems like in less than a month I will be chilling here: 

With this view.  Beat the parking lot for sure!


I am HOA approved and closing on the condo this week.

*I love when my flat out eggz brown up like this… perfect for “pizza” crust.

 IMAG0321 (1)

Osh. Gotta go… been super busy lately and I didn’t get to share lots of things but I’ll be around.  

I had no intention of blogging just now but… this always happens.. my fingers just found my Livewriter and I started dumping photos.
Now I am out of time!

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  Stuffs I See and Saw. Shown and Told.


So lemme show you a few thangs.

This is a prayer card I have tacked to the inside of my medicine cabinet so I see it every time I brush my teeth and what not.


It goes along with this bracelet:

Each bead or charm is symbolic so you can go through them like a rosary of sorts as you meditate on the prayer.

This is my dog Zoe on our walk this morning.


People are surprised to learn I have a dog. “Why is there not a gazillion pictures on your Facebook or blog?”

One explanation is she is a camera HATER.  Not sure why.


I see this every time I leave my apartment and the splash of color makes me happy, especially on a gloomy morning like today.


My new notebook.


Adds some sparkle to the drudgery of logging my food.

Speaking of food…

On my Vegetable Fruit Salad post Christine mentioned I should add avocado which I have done.

I didn’t chop the veggies much or mix them — just threw everything (yes that is how I do pepper) on a plate and got down.
Whatever. Totally Fine. I aint tryin’a impress nobody.
(Most of the time. LOL.)

This is a coupon for a new food product I’m in love with and can’t wait to tell you about.
Can you guess what it is?

I see this everyday. Yup. I wear make-up every day, and not very skillfully. 


Usually just cream, brows and lashes..necessary for this blonde girl.
(There’s some new things in the basket too, I’ll tell you what I think soon).

Lastly I got mail from my friend who I sent the Lemon Card to. It arrived yesterday – as I was replying to comments on my last post asking about favorite childhood books.

Look what she wrote!

Totally freaked me out – as I know she has no access to the internet. Then I remembered I had written her a funky rhyme and talked about Dr. Suess in my last letter so things fell into context.

Phew this is getting long (and boring).
I will end with three words:


Sock. Monkey. Sticker.

You’ve been shown.

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Stuffs I See and Saw. Shown and Told.


Sights 001


Sights 007

Eat ALL the Ferments!!

Sights 009

Eat ALL the ugly foods! (0; (Asparagus, eggs, onions, disorderly amount of seasoning).

Sights 035

Don’t hate me because I’m Floridian.

Sights 010

One of my favorite vineyards. Smoothest Zin ever.

Sights 038

Digging up the (dusty) past.

Sights 028

Rollin’ with my homies. (Seriously. *winkwink*)

Sights 029

Sparkles, cake and my “afro puffs.”

Sights 030

High School Edu-ma-cation.

Sights 041

A doggie Thanksgiving.

Sights 018

Air-drying my hairs because I’ve been swimming again!

    Sights 026   

FYI Fellow swimmer friends: Paul Mitchell Shampoo Three. You need it.  

Sights 040 


Sights 051

Pickle and Peanut Butter “Pizza” on egg “crust.”

Sights 050

Ugly food. Ugly photography. What can I say?

Sights 049

Typical evening. Nashville. Vino.


Read this:

Sights 016

  Marianne Williamson “Illuminata.”

Sights 013

 There is a light that never goes out.

  • See anything you like?
  • Yes, I still have a big booty TV set. Santa please send Missy some HD love, kay?thanx.

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Stuffs I See and Saw. Shown and Told.


I’m crazy like that.


atypical 003

Beach Hair

  Show and Tell 003 


Show and Tell 001


Show and Tell 011


Show and Tell 009


(Rhymes with Horrify*)


Show and Tell 007

Wisdom in the Waiting Room**

Show and Tell 006

Prayer in the Waiting Room

Show and Tell 017


Join us. (If you want)


*Scary looking lunch = (Shroomoodles & Nori). You are welcome.

**Therapist’s waiting room. (Fugazi. Anyone? Bueller?)

  • Show me something (link it) or tell me something please. I mean, if you want. Obviously.

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Stuffs I See and Saw. Shown and Told.


Show and Tell 004 Show and Tell 003

7am on my day off. so much for sleeping in. #apartmentliving


Show and Tell 006 Show and Tell 020

Craving for large, icy fountain-pour of Diet Dew=satisfied. (Had to be fountain.)


Show and Tell 024

Work. Tax Season.


Show and Tell 027

Passenger seat. Jesus is my co-pilot.


Show and Tell 030

Where the magic happens.


Show and Tell 025



Show and Tell 021

Breaking child-labor laws.


Show and Tell 022

Just kidding. He loves the shredder.



Show and Tell 035

Money can’t buy happiness. It can buy happy things.



Show and Tell 023

Food Journal.



Show and Tell 028

A ladybug landed on my cheek and I was .0078534 of a second away from capturing it on camera when she moved on.  I decided to point to where she was instead.




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