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There’s nothing better on a Monday than spilling your most random or ridiculous thoughts on the internet.  (I lie. LOTs of things are better.)

Hence I commence (rhyme!).

 OMMM- On My Mind Monday  BS edition.


Today’s Prompt for NHBPM is:

Call BS on something. What’s something that is just ridiculous?”

That’s an easy one. Health-related BS abounds.

I could write about the absurdity and potential danger of food labels.

I could write about the hidden names of sugar and the truth about “sugar free” products.


And that’s not nearly all. For the list that I refer to (just for reference) click here.


I don’t think there is anything in the world with a sugar free LABEL that is truly sugar free. And that’s fine. My beloved “sugar free” preserves? Polydextrose, maltodextrin…  Both of which are why this item was forbidden on my sugar free meal plan.


Glad I got over that one(!), but it was hard work after an Eating Disorder treatment center tells you to avoid it.

Which brings me to…

I’m calling BS on people who claim there is ONE right way to eat for every body. (Or even the claim that there is a right way to eat PERIOD.)


Or how people chase “healthy diet” models the same way other people chase the latest diet fix (pills, powders, cabbage soup..etc)  rather than settling down and figuring out what suits THEM best. Veganism was the trend for a while…now it’s Paleo…what’s next?

I could write about how “Fitspiration” in many instances (not all) is a thinly veiled version of “Thinspiration” and a bit problematic and flawed to begin with.


Here is something I know for SURE is Fitspiration but you aren’t going to see much like this on Tumbler or Pinterest. See what I mean?

Just sayin.



As I was thinking about all of this….it occurs to me that I REALLY need to call BS on myself.


Yup. I’m calling myself out. You see….I obviously think about food, food marketing and nutrition a great deal. I’m not even interested in losing that. I’m also fully aware that I deserve a GREAT deal of side-eye when I start talking about ANY of it because….well.


I really need to be focused on thinking LESS about Food & Co. I need to take a break from the Food Network and the nutrition books and the recipes and grocery lists…..because – although it’s a genuine interest of mine….. it’ll be there waiting while I gain some sanity.

Because it’s JUST FOOD and my brain apparently thinks differently.

I want to love my food … but I don’t want to LOVE love my food.

I should NOT enjoy grocery shopping as much as I do. Lol.

There is too much more to live for.

God. Love. Peace. Glitter.

The perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

OoPs! I just did it again!!!!


Previous posts for NHBPM can be found here.

  • Your turn! Call BS on something or…somebody.

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Raise your hand if you know what this is…except don’t really raise your hand. That would be silly. And ridiculous.

Actually? Raise your hand if you know what this is.


How about now?
And if you already knew from the first picture start saying, “OOoh! Oooh! I know, I know!” like a little kid in elementary school.

Show and Tell 014


What you are seeing here is one of my favoritest foods ever.


Show and Tell 003

Lobster tails, more accurately.

Two of them.



Thaz what I’m talkin bout. Good eats right there yo.
Thanks Mom!

This was my first time tackling cooking lobster myself – and my first time cooking something so… blatantly animal-y?
Fish fillets, headless shrimp… I’ve dealt with those but never anything with this much exo-skeleton (though I’ve happily ate my fair share for sure).

I wondered if this may bother me – being that I have strong vegan sensibilities that just do not apply in my heart and mind when it comes to fish and other sea animals. *shrug*

Moving parts, people. 

Show and Tell 005

Parts that used to move.

Show and Tell 010 
Show and Tell 010

Parts that…..


I’m not going to zoom in on that one. Don’t worry.

Are you grossed out?
Because before I cooked them I spend time really checking them out like this.

I’ve wanted to test my meddle for a longtime– get up close and personal with the whole process of my consumption of flesh. This brings me one step closer to the actual killing part.

I have to say….it didn’t bother me one bit. All I kept thinking was “Yum” the whole time and it felt completely natural to me.

Especially this part:

Show and Tell 016

I made those!

I did pretty well for my first time. I chose to steam them and seasoned them with a shake of Old Bay and a toss of parsley.

Then I took pictures to post on the internets and write about that time I cooked lobster tails. Normal.

Show and Tell 021 

Show and Tell 019

Then I ate them like a fat kid eats cake. <—gasp! #dealwithit

Pescatarian for life! For now.

Next up is catching my own fish and once I get a SCUBA license I’ll be down there with a tickle stick and a net. Insert nervous smile –> here <—.

  • Did you know it was lobster? 

  • On a scale of 1-10 … 10 being “Never coming back to this chick’s blog EVER” and 1 being “ I’m jealous when can I come over *drool” how grossed out are you?

  • If you eat the flesh of animals what are your thoughts on killing, hunting, skinning…….etc. for yourself? Could you do it?


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You are what you eat.

But …

what you eat does not determine who you are.

A LONG (and I am talking LONG long time ago I won a give-a-way from Kelsey)

I was so excited when it arrived all the way from Canada.



Is she not the cutest thing?


Anyways the package contained the Skinny Bitch book which I was excited to read – me being an avid reader of such things. The package also included a Herbivore Tee and a Vegan Bumper Sticker……

But guess what? Though I have been, I’m not vegan.

Yes, I eat a plant based diet but I am not a herbivore existing solely from plants.

I have herbivore vegan days and meals. A lot. 



I kind of tucked the Tee away as I felt like it was somehow “wrong” for me to wear it or display the sticker because…well…because!

Honey, does this shirt make me look hypocritical?



I figured I’d pass it along to one of my many vegan beloveds.

I recently changed the way I think. With the growing awareness of vegetarian and vegan rationale not to mention it’s popularity and TRENDINESS (although paleo is now the new vegan. sigh), I noticed many people having food guilt or something like that.

“I feel so bad, I just can’t give up cheese”

“I tried vegetarian but I just need meat..I feel like a failure”


I just want to say “RELAX!” I mean, it’s just food. Every vegetarian/vegan meal or choice is a win-win for the universe. But you don’t have to assign yourself a strict set of labels if you’re not feeling it.  

If you truly “miss” the stuff…maybe your choice to go vegan wasn’t made for the right reasons anyways. I feel like your paradigm of what “food” is shifts for the most part when you come to a dietary epiphany.  

But what do I know.
Anywhoo…I whipped out my shirt and claimed it as my own. Because. Veganism. I’m a fan. I’m a supporter.



But I am not a label. 
I also added the bumper sticker to my collection on my fridge. 

I believe it’s true….so why not?



I’m off to go eat some farm raised shrimp. Maybe one day …something will click and I will think “aw hail NAW nasty” but until then I think “aw hail YEAH” and remember that it is what is, things are what they are, I am what I am and I do what I want can afford.

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Guess what? I’m a Food Superhero!
Or…maybe I’m not a Food Superhero (because of the whole E.D thing)

BUT I play one on the interwebs.


Superhero Name: Peanut Butter Pickle Princess

Human Name: Missy
Food Superpower: Snap! I see right through food labels.
Food Kryptonite: Sugar

Weapons of Choice:



After all – I meet the criteria (criterion?).


I got an email from FoodCorps saying that Stonyfield will donate $1 to them if I simply gave my super Peanut Butter Pickle Prowess some street cred and went public.

Didn’t have to ask me twice. I loveLoVeLOVE FoodCorps.

It’s, in a way, a dream job. I would apply (really!) however they don’t have a location in Florida yet and I can’t do cold <—and yes, it’s that bad. (Also, I should look healthy if I’m-a preach healthy and people keep telling me I don’t so I must accept that).


Their Vision:

We envision a nation of well-nourished children: children who know what healthy food is, how it grows and where it comes from, and who have access to it every day. These children, having grown up in a healthy food environment, will learn better, live longer, and liberate their generation from diet-related disease.


If your jealous – and I know you’re jealous — click here and do something right for the world (if you want).

And while you’re at it join my crusade!
You can come willingly..

Or be taken by force. 

You’re choice. But PLEASE – If you join the Peabee and Pickle Party

——->DO IT RIGHT!!!<—-


Half Sours people. Half. Sours.

  • I’m curious, do you meet the Food Superhero criterion?

    I am like the dirtiest produce eater EVER<—Ev.Er.
    but I gave myself a check for at least knowing what the EWC list is and being aware of the dirty dozen. I also don’t buy organic usually but I KNOW about it. So be liberal and give yourself credit!

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Deep Breath. Inhale….and….exhale. Ahhhhh… Ommmmm…..shanti…शान्ति Get ready for another round of OMMM- On My Mind Monday. Where the breathing is deep, but the thoughts? Not so much.

Here are some random thinks I’ve thunk this past week. In no particular order. For no particular reason. Because.

Boy Scouts Need to Step it Up a Notch

Every year the Girl Scouts come correct with a limited-time-only panacea for the masses: those dearly beloved cookies. We fawn, we drool, we flock, and we spend. We spend a lot. Girl Scouts also team up with ice cream and candy bar companies, securing a portion of America’s retail dollar too.  $Cha-ching$

Let’s be real. The “for a good cause” factor is probably responsible for …oh… 15% of all proceeds. Because really? We’re just hooked.

The Girl Scouts know profitability. They also know what sells.
crack mints

Then there’s the Boy Scouts. What do they sell? Microwave freakin’ popcorn.  Usually outside a grocery store selling the same thing. Big incentive. 


They don’t even sell the pre-popped or flavored varieties anymore. No. Just popcorn. That’s it. Ends there. Seriously?

There is no “immediate gratification” or “impulse temptation” factor at all. You can’t rip into a box of popcorn kernals before you even get to your car…much less devour 1/2 the box before your home, thus necessitating a return trip tomorrow to buy more.

Dear Mr. (or Mrs.) Person-in-Charge-of-All-the-Boy-Scout-Things:

Your popcorn needs more sex appeal. 

Invest in a few tons of sugar, salt, and fat. Go to town in a test kitchen.  It doesn’t matter what comes next. All the basics are there. Layer sugar, salt and fat on anything and it’ll sell.

I personally recommend marketing a popcorn/trail mix “bar” of some sort. Disguise the fatty sugarbomb with words like “wholesome” and “nutritious” or “energy".

Make them really small and “only 200” calories. Or make the ratio of serving size to servings per bar inversely proportional. Set up shop outside of places like Curves or something. BE INVENTIVE!!

I can’t believe I’m actually promoting this kind of thing, but heck – it’s for a good cause. lol.

While I’m on the topic of delicious addictive food….


Paula Deen is Selling Diabetes.

I know Paula’s diabetes is old news….the jokes have been made, critics have weighed in, etc. Yet, only recently did it dawn on me that she is, effectually, selling Diabetes. 


I think of it like this: She profits from her show/cookbooks which are rife with uber rich foods. It’s fine in moderation, but we don’t live in a moderate society. We live in an obese society. Lots of Diabetes going on.

The way I see it, now that Paula’s Diabetes is out of the closet, her show is basically pitching let me show you all the food to eat in abundance if you want to get diabetes.” 


And then….Paula turns around and sells you what you’re gonna need once you actually have Diabetes. $Cha-ching$

Just put a band-aid on it, y’all.”

Life with Diabetes can be DELICIOUS and I want to tell y’all about it.
With Love.

I don’t harbor any resentment against Paula. I don’t think this is some manufactured plot – but the whole thing is just wrong. She could be promoting diabetes prevention. She could grab another spot on Food Network cooking her trademark comfort food in a healthier, Diabetes-friendly way.    

But, Whatever. Totally Fine.

Well then. I’ve gone on FAR to long and really? There’s only so much a girl with an eating disorder can blather on about unhealthy and healthy food and obesity and whatnot before it becoming entirely laughable.
I’ll leave it at 50% laughable.

  • What’s been on your mind lately?

    Also, you should read this book. (If you want). 


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I love produce.

It goes well beyond my passion for vegetables. I love the entire industry, from the farmers to the wholesalers to the Produce Managers at the supermarket.

Working at a magazine for the Produce Industry afforded me many opportunities to learn the ins-and-outs of selling vegetables. My clients were farmers trying to feed America and turn a profit at the same time.

Easier said than done. But that’s another story.


While working at the magazine, I attended the Produce Marketing Association’s annual conference in California for a week and loved every second. There was so much to learn and so many people to meet. I ate it up. Literally.

Food samples were ABUNDANT. My friend Jen and I went ballistic.

She’s a veggie freak, too.


(By the way she is 100 times more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside. She’s other-worldly I swear.)

I’m positive we ate our weight in Dragon Fruit. For free.


Jen and I both adore hummus. So we were floored when we encountered the green garbanzo bean. We never heard of such a thing.

The farmers harvesting the crop were happy to tell us all about it.


The guys at the booth had some roasted garbanzos  and hummus for sampling. Jen and I spent a lot of time at that booth eating and, you know, schmoozing. But mostly eating.

Though I’ve looked for years, I’ve located neither hummus nor bean in any store. This made me sad.

But look what I found at Whole Foods today….

Nature’s Healthy Gourmet Green Garbanzo Hummus


This makes me happy.

I put away a sufficient amount with a spoon.


The green garbanzo tastes sweeter, lighter and creamier than the traditional garbanzo. The hummus, in my opinion, has a guacamole-ish texture.

In fact, I recall telling the farmers that people who might shy away from hummus would probably purchase this if they placed it next to pre-made guacamole in the Produce Department and called it a dip.

With this in mind, I got more civilized when I got home.


Green Garbanzo Hummus, Corn Thins, salsa and scallion. And a plate (civilized).


Besides being delicious, the green garbanzo bean is also a “greener” option for the environment. The bean is naturally resistant to pests and require neither pesticide nor fertilizer. They are also higher in protein than the “traditional garbanzo.”

That being said, there is no replacement for traditional hummus. But you should try this new spin on it (if you want). 

  • Have you heard of the green garbanzo?
  • Ever met any farmers? They’re good folk.

PS- I should pre-emptively add that to make this a complete meal you should…add a meal. Just in case anyone wants to leave a comment along those lines *winkwink*

PPS- I didn’t get paid to write this, nor free hummus.

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Every product or company has someone, somewhere boycotting it. Guaranteed. Consumers can choose not to add dollars to the profit coffers of companies that offend their political, environmental, or humanitarian sensitivities.

I’d love to be a well-educated and ethical consumer but, to be honest, I’m lazy. I keep meaning to make sure my products aren’t tested on animals and that none of my dollars go to Monsanto, but…(but what?).

airbender (1)


There are products I will NEVER buy for personal reasons. Some products just fizzle my twinkle. Just because.

I’m not proselytizing or trying to start an intelligent debate. I DO mean personal reasons. 

Sometimes, It’s because their mama dressed them funny.

12 (1)

Wine in a plastic bottle? I’m not buying it. No matter how “green” it is.

Here are 3 products that get my “That’s SO Wrong” stamp of disapproval and why.

1. Kleenex Hand Towels


Clever idea. Pure marketing genius, in fact. I admit, I’ve never understood the “hand-towel” concept (they’re just for show, right?). But come on! Don’t we kill enough trees already? If you’re rich enough to afford souped-up paper towels for your bathroom, please install a hand dryer instead. 

Ahh…much nicer.


2. Fruit2Day

*Deep breath* I need to calm myself. This product really irritates me.  I’ll try and be brief.


Basically, it’s juice. JUICE. But they sell it as fruit. Because…(because why?).

Because evidently “it’s hard” to eat five servings of fruit everyday.

And why eat fruit when you can buy a product proclaiming to be REAL fruit.


REAL fruit. In a bottle. Created for the TRUE FRUIT LOVER!!

The fruit-lover who loves fruit, just not eating it.


After all, who needs fruit? With all it’s requisite chewing.


And Cutting.

WHIT9KB00013 FP4CM StrangeA12

So tiresome. So difficult.


And fruit makes a sticky mess! Have you seen the commercials? A woman is working at her desk and bites into a peach. The juice EXPLODES everywhere, rendering her hands useless (?) so when the phone rings she tries to answer it with her foot.

Really? REALLY? Is eating a piece of fruit at your desk really that hazardous?

Please buy fruit, people. Pretty please? It’s not that messy.

 Picture 016      

3. Abilify

You’ve seen the ads. They’re ubiquitous. Every channel, all the the time. Why? Because this company thinks everyone should be on drugs.Abilify-March2011-dtc 

Abilify is an anti-psychotic drug developed to treat bipolar and schizophrenia. Then, in typical big-pharma fashion, they decided to tap into another revenue stream and medicate people who’re already medicated!

So they invented the term add-on depression treatment. Essentially, what they’re selling is a drug to treat, not depression, but depression treatments! It’s a drug treatment for your drug treatment.

My brain hurts.


Yes, these are the things I think about. I am obsessed with marketing and advertising and I could keep going. In fact, I probably will.

Maybe I’m crazy. Quick! Someone prescribe me something.

  • What products are you hating on?

Ps- I do not take, nor would I, psychiatric medication. It’s not right for me. I understand some people benefit greatly from it. No judgment. (0:


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