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I found the perfect Mother’s Day card a couple weeks ago at Target: 
Screw it

It’s entirely what my Mom needs, trust me.

Tuesday I realized that I needed to get a gift together quick, because my parents left for Europe yesterday for a few weeks.

Like I said, I really wish there was a “screwitol” pill my mom could take. Perhaps that’s why I spontaneously created this to go along with the card:


I created a secret board on The Pinterest and pinned quotes and what-nots, which I then printed and cut into little take-a-ways she can grab when she felt the urge to scream cry shake someone relax a bit.

Some were inspiring truths…

And some were more direct…

I added some funny one’s as well.
She got a real kick out of this one:

Anyways, I have de-privatized the board so if you want to see it help yourself.
Maybe you’re in need of a dose of screw-it-all yourself?

Card and Screw Its

I’m considering making a similar jar for myself filled with things I need to read often like scripture and quotes that tell me I’m not fat inspire me.

*What are you doing for Mom’s Day?
*Did you know you can make “secret” Pinterest Boards?
OH and I need advice:
*Do you know a way to privately upload photos from your phone to your computer using the web (I don’t have a cord)?

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I spent it with my Mom…

   xmas 008

(I make her laugh…..either that or she was drunk. I’ll never tell.)

xmas 007

And my Dad…

(We both look like grumpsters but it was more like we were drunksters. Or..buzzsters.)

xmas 009   

And my Brother and Sister in Law…
(We don’t like to touch each other.)

xmas 028

And….my favorite peeps in the entire world……

I mean SHUT UP with how lucky I am.

xmas 006

New Years:

I made no resolution and instead chose to focus on just one word.


Speaking of Behavior…you see that gorgeous and amazing picture up there of me and my niece and nephews? 
Yeah about that.


I addressed the obvious brow FAIL I mentioned in my last post.
Better huh?
I actually LOVE how my face gets red because …well…I love how ridiculous it is. Cheap thrills y’all. 

xmas 040
And that is all I have to say about my brows AND my thighs (my brain can go ahead and do whatever it wants I don’t care). Next up…a Haircut.

To Recap My Life in General?

Peanut Butter….

xmas 050

And glitter……..

xmas 050


Peanut Butter fills the cracks in the soul

Glitter reflects a little light when we feel anxious and afraid

(Peanut Butter also fills in the thighs and glitter eases your anxiety about THAT, amen? Actually Peanut Butter helps me deal with my thighs too. #emoeating).

  • Give me a recap of your life in general in two words (I’ll love you if you steal mine).
  • Any new years reso-s, focus or word?

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Deep Breath. Inhale….and….exhale. Ahhhhh… Ommmmm…..shanti…शान्ति.

OMMM- On My Mind Monday – Where the breathing is deep, but the thoughts? Not so much.

Here’s what’s what.

Suffice it to say my peanut butter fast is no longer an issue.


Serious pickle and peabee domination went down on Saturday night. #rockingsociallife


I finally broke into that un-opened jar and proceeded to relieve it of over 1/2 it’s contents. A piece of my soul sinks every time I succumb to such peanut butter abuse. Nobody deserves to be taken advantage of like that. Thank goodness it’s such a forgiving friend. It’s all like … “I know, I know. I’m just THAT awesome you can’t help yourself. I’m used to it by now.”

What else…

Thanksgiving came and went …awesome day. Good times with the family. We definitely did not have enough food. Every year- same thing. Will we ever learn? (0;

IMG_0001  IMG_0003 IMG_0004


That’s one of those faces you get when you are smiling FOR DAYS and your nephew can’t get the camera to work.

We got my nephew the Celebration roast and my mom baked it up. I tried a bite of the meaty stuff between the breading and the filling and it was delicious. Sausage-y almost.

As for myself I ate …oh probably a pound of shrimp.




My nephew also delivered some shocking news that night – he only told me. It has had me a tail-tizzy ever since and I’m losing sleep over it. I’m just concerned, worried…trying to help etc.

So —as for what’s really on my mind this Monday — it’s that. I can’t help it. It’s very troublesome and I’m giving it up to God … like 80,000 times a day. (0:

That may also explain the 3/4 jar of peanut butter affair.

But actually? That’s just me. (0:


  • How was your thanksgiving? Try anything new?
  • Ever been obsessing over a loved one’s difficulties when you need to be focused on your own?

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Three years ago yesterday my brother died suddenly and unexpectedly. I mentioned it was a heavy day but truthfully it’s just one of the more poignant days in a series of difficult months.

It starts every year in October and lasts through January. In October, the climate changes and there is a certain feeling in the air and in the light. This alone, along with Halloween starts me thinking and grieving for my brother as October was his last days on earth. The last pictures and videos he took were on Halloween with his one year old son.



He dressed Braeden up as Yoda for Halloween that year.

Then of course November comes and ALL the memories flood in of the shock and the funeral and then the holidays…. and just…. grieving. I get sad moments a lot and my mood dips in general. I have a lot of guilt about his death and feel it much more during these months. My energy wanes and-  in the past – my appetite clicks to off. My health suffers.


This year I can’t let that happen and it’s taking a lot of effort – which is why I chose to do this 30 days on Health thing – I need all the positive encouragement and motivation I can get.

Greg is and has always been an inspiration to me – he struggled with his own demons came out on top. He is both a role model in life AND in recovery.

I need to channel that especially hard this year over the next few months because it hasn’t been enough before — as he would be telling me with words if he were here. Step it up a notch sister!


His motto was/is “I Never "Try" anything…I JUST DO IT!”

He liked/likes Yoda apparently.

He also told me once “Shit or get off the pot, Missy!” lol.

So true.

I am praying for his spirit to fill me with the serving of whoop-azz he’d be giving me were he alive coupled with his complete energy of awesomeness.

It often does. I feel him.


I was out yesterday and encountered this little vision which had me in a complete fit of giggles. It is EXACTLY the type of thing that Greg and I would laugh at for days. Not many people would get it.

I’m not going to explain the picture below or why I find it so hilarious (I will say it has everything to do with the book). You either get it or not. But Greg? I know you’re still laughing with me on this.




That’s a fake rat.

Greg – I know you and I will share many of these laughs as long as I’m here on earth. (PS- Were you there yesterday with Mom and the Spanx? I mean ..outside the dressing room obviously..but man. How hilarious was that? )

Today’s Prompt for NHBPM is  “Write a list of three things you are inspired by.” I chose one. Greg. I totally cheated. I needed to write this today.  Previous posts can be found here.

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No, you’re not seeing double. I had me a birthday recently and my Mom got me the same exact card she got me last year. Not on purpose.


A faux pas? No way. Not the way I see it. 


Twice the love.

As she said, the words inside must really mean a lot to her.


Only I can become the woman God made me to be.
Only I can change those things that weigh me down.

Though she wishes she could “fix” me … all she can do is be there with love. That is enough. All I need.

I didn’t have a cake (duh) or candles on my birthday…but my birthday wish is that I will grasp hold of the things she wishes she could give me more of. Wisdom, Success, Health, Happiness. That way, she wouldn’t have to wish for them anymore.

But recovery, soul work, success, inner peace…these are not built on wishes.

That’s something that has true value only if it is earned.”


Today is my Mother’s birthday….and she deserves to make her own birthday wishes. Birthday wishes for her and her alone and not for our aching hearts. 

Then, when she blows out the candles, she can have absolute peace.

I wish….

I love you Mom. I know you love me. Thank you.

Happy Birthday. You is good. You is kind. You is important. You is beautiful.
You is loved.


By generations.


By all of us.

Love never dies.

open heart

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Anything I would write about tonight seems silly and ridiculous. Well, it’s all-the-time silly and ridiculous (and grammatically quirky) but you know what I mean.

Anything that is, except this:

Go hug someone and tell them you love them.

Nobody close by? Pick up the phone. Shoot the email (who coined that term?). Send the letter. Drop a love bomb on their facebook page. Tweet it if that’s your thing. Just do something.

Tell a loved one how you feel. 

My brother would often call me when we were both on our morning commutes. For the record, I am not a morning star and the conversations weren’t stellar. But you know what? Now I cherish every one.

So let’s do it. Now. Because we can.

And then do it again tomorrow. And repeat.

You never know what will be coming down.”

Jackson Browne.

Good song.



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Scary Sick

I don’t ever want to forget this past Memorial Day weekend. Not because I had a ridiculously fun time, but because I was ridiculously sick. Scary sick. Yeah, I came down with a serious case of “I have an Eating Disorder” and just…enough. I’m motivated. I can’t let sparkles and butterflies distract me anymore.


Saturday’s Sunset


That crane’s not always there. LOl



June is a heavy month for me…I start feeling it in May. June 5th is my brother’s birth date and he’s …you know, and I’m…still here. This awareness is compounded by my June Birthday. Perfect timing to reflect on all my….sigh.. accomplishments. My Mom’s B-day is also in June and she’s sad too and it’s all…well, it’s sad.

But, like the fear I felt when I got sick, I’m using my sad as motivation. It’s what Greg would have done.

stop being sad



Sing-a-long, “S is for Sushi…that’s good enough for me.”




I went swimming for the first time in a while and it felt really good. Like yoga, swimming puts more of ME in myself and I want this summer to gain strength and energy to do the things I love.


(Old Pic)


Two magic cards that turn into happiness! Thanks Y’all!


Um … sorry I am not having a give-a-way. I’m selfish. So. It’s my birthday month.


Superior Numeral

Seven is the superior numeral. Sorry Six. But relax. That whole thing about seven eating nine? Fiction. 


  • I’m going back to my commitment of blogging everyday – every day except when I don’t want to. Yes, I’m a litter-bug. Sorry interwebs.

  • If you wanna leave a comment I dare you to leave just ONE word, no explanation, that starts with S. I will have fun trying to glean what you want to convey.


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