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Everything looks like burning.



Trying to blog more but.. ouch?
Hope you are having a great Holiday weekend.

PS: I love those of you who caught the Simpson’s reference.

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Found this card for my girl Jessie Jeans; she’s in Utah being treated for her anorexia. Perfect isn’t it? But so fantastic I needed to share.

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Peep this.


That would be a Peanut Butter & Jelly Fluffernutter Peeps Sandwich.

So relevant I had to share (even though I am planted firmly in the anti-Peep camp).

Not entirely relevant -  but can I get a witness?


That would be Peanut Butter & Jelly. . .Fish (Salmon).

Is it just me or is that eleventy different kinds of wrong?

Even though I’ve never been tempted to try the whole “fruit on fish” thing (blech), I know it’s gastronomically correct.  Peanut butter and fish is a stretch (and I’m talking fish, not shellfish).

But I draw the line at MF JELLY on FISH.

Gelatinous anything needs to get far away from my seafood.


But I’d probably still try it.

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Many things in our lives leave no room for words.
No verbal expression could ever encapsulate what we want to express.

Some things are just too beautiful; beautiful beyond description or comparison.


All words pale in comparison to the actual sentiment.

For instance, “I love PB&J.”

Just. Doesn’t. Cut It.

That being said….I love PB&J.
For so many reasons and on so many levels. 
It goes well beyond the taste… for me,

PB&J is an icon. A way of life. An elixir.
It’s cultural, spiritual, sentimental…
and cute.
I could go on and on and on…

but ain’t nobody got time for that when there’s celebrating to do.

How will you be celebrating today?

Need inspiration? Check out my Pinteresting Board, “PBJ LOVE


I most likely will be spooning it up two-step style (“dip, dip, mouth” being my post collegiate version of “puff puff pass”).

*Confession Alert*

There is plenty of PBJ in my life, PLENTY.


I mean… PLENTY of PBJ happening.
I put PBJ on my brussels sprouts for the sake of all goodness (the key is either apricot preserves or cranberry preserves).

However, there is one key area in which I am remiss: 


I’m talking sandwich, b-ich. 

(NeNe Leakes’s infectious spirit is infiltrating my soul)

That means bread.

No, not a wrap. Bread. (It’s complicated.)


(I need to start drawing my own memes).

Today, I am declaring that a LEGIT style PBJ will be enjoyed by me again.

Soon.  Very soon.

And then again. I promise.

For all the days of my life.


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I’ve been sad. STUPID sad. 

Sad might not be the word, actually.

I’ve been all….

And like…


cake 2

And like…

In summary: snakes on a plane messy.

I can’t seem to bring myself around.

And I ALWAYS bring myself around.

It’s scaring me.

So today I woke up with a mission.

I chose to wake up on the sparkly side of the bed.

Sparkly 004

Because sparkly.

And suddenly….

Magic Sparkles 

I feel…able.

I’m not going to just lay down and take this ish.

Not anymore at least.

Oh! Look! Zoe’s on the sparkly side of the bed, too.

Sparkly 007

(Sorry – it’s so rare I get her in pictures..she runs when the camera is out, which is why she’s headed under my bed).


Things are looking up. I said so.
And when I got to work my Mom came in singing some song like:

 “It’s a happy day and I’ve got something that will make you hap-hap-happ-yyy”

And showed me this:

Sparkly 018

Then she told me there was fresh mahi and lobster tails waiting for me in the fridge.

I’m telling y’all, the secret to happiness starts with sparkly.

Keep Dreaming.


PS- Most images above are from Hyperbole and A Half. If you don’t read Hyperbole and a Half, then you’re doing life wrong.

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It’s the little things in life.

Rainbows. (I always share them).

Little Things 004

A free lunch. Who says there’s no such thing?

Little Things 003

Feeling strong enough to ride the elliptical. 

Little Things 011Little Things 010

Even if it’s on the lowest settings….

Little Things 008

and you last 5 minutes. Because:

One less thing to worry about.

Little Things 016

A relaxing read in the sauna followed by an endorphin replenishing swim.

Little Things 014

Having the pool all to myself while swimming that swim.

Little Things 015

A client randomly (?) handing me a bag full of snacks I know and love.

Little Things 042

Colored pens to journal with. Always.

Little Things 031

Little Things 032

Especially when they have glitter!

Little Things 035 

I’m going to let this one speak for itself. Yes, I’m going there.

Little Things 036

Inheriting a Christmas tree, doing a horrible job putting it up and being able to say….enough for one night. Whatever. Totally Fine.

Little Things 018 

Letting the imperfections be…and being content to curl up in the warm glow of the twinkle lights, with my girl by my side.

Little Things 019

I’ll eventually fix it. And guess what? The pass-along bulbs are sparkly and the white ones have light interference like bubbles.

Little Things 029

Speaking of bubbles, or “fairy globes,” my friend emailed a picture that gave me a little a moment of awe.


It’s the little things.

The little moments.

It’s being Present, in God’s Presence…wherein we can experience Him and his abundant love.

Being filled with gratitude no matter the circumstances.

  • What have been some of your recent moments of simple pleasure?

*Praying for those whose lives have been inexplicably and inextricably  altered today as a result of the shootings in Connecticut*

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This past weekend, when I wasn’t performing stupid human tricks with food, I was practicing some new tricks.

On most weekends I can find my gym-friend taking advantage of the empty studio.

Sights 008

The first time I saw him and his hoops I stared outside the windows until I could no longer prevent myself from being …my brazen self. I walked in, smiled pretty ….and asked if I could try. Hooping is something I’ve wanted to pick up for a while.

Since then I’ve been enjoying popping in on him and taking on the hoop for a few minutes. This past weekend I had my camera with me. Because this (below) is normal.

Sights 007 Sights 006

Anyway….I went in and he let me take his hoop for a spin (his is bigger than the one he wants me to get – 5 feet). I asked him to take a pic and he took a bunch of them in case I had “dork face” — he wanted to give me variety.

I was like “Dork face? That’s my favorite part!”

I’m glad I feel that way because ..lol. I just uploaded them and turns out my face in ALL of them is pretty stellar.

I figured I’d dump them all here. Because ain’t nobody got time to see that. And yet…

Sights 011 Sights 012 Sights 013 Sights 014  Sights 016  

Sights 011

Sights 010

Sights 015

Sights 009

The last two tie for most hilarious.

Anyway – I want to get a hoop of my own and spend some time with this. I find it to have an incredibly powerful meditative quality too it ….like a combination of yoga, dance and working with chi flow.

I LOVE to dance.

Maybe one day I will get as good as this?

Or this?

But I’m probably not going to play with fire. I’ve done enough of that in my life.


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