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TGiving 2011 019

Oh, hello there!

TGiving 2011 017 

Didn’t hear you come in. I was just having a snack.

You hungry? Wanna Share?

TGiving 2011 031 

No? Didn’t think so.

It’s just a little radish kimchi!

TGiving 2011 006

Radish, Garlic, Scallions, Red Pepper & Salt…that’s all. Or…is it?

I purchased a new-to-me kimchi at the Korean mart. I never saw the radish julienned like this before. The cashier insured me it was radish kimchi when I double checked — the container wasn’t labeled.

Good Molly, it was good.

Did. Me. Right.

 TGiving 2011 001

Well into the night. <—Rhyme!

I was happily slurping away one evening…. (this may not have been after midnight….but it totally was. I’m a sick monkey aren’t I?)

I was sleepily snacking by the light of the fridge when I saw…something unusual.

TGiving 2011 009

See it?

Something white, slick, and bulbous. Membraney. <—new word.

TGiving 2011 008

My heart stood still, I must admit. I was like…”Uh-oh.”

An Unidentified Kimchi Object.

What the……

TGiving 2011 010

I pulled out the offensive looking “thing-I-hoped-was-not-head-or-eyeball.” Whatever it was, I was sure it was “of the sea.”

Then I shrugged … and kept eating. The kimchi. Not the UKO.

TGiving 2011 013

Hungry yet?

I write this is because I’m proud. I feel hard core. I wish I could have tried whatever it was, but…dude. No way. Not yet anyway.

In no way dissuaded,  I returned to the Korean Mart to get kimchi ingredients (some people bake cookies for the holidays….) and to ask what was in the kimchi.

The answer? Oysters.

And yes, I got more. (I didn’t take those photos during an after midnight snack party for one. This was today). I pick out the two oysters and merrily continue in my kimchi bliss. I must dig the taste the oysters impart but I can’t bring myself to slurp raw, fermented oyster. Not yet anyway. Still….

I’m hardcore.

Unrelated related note:  I also picked up soy bean sprout mix.

TGiving 2011 035

Delicious. The soy “beans” are crunchy and the sprouts are noodley. They toss the sprouts with soy sauce, a little red pepper and a pinch of salt and sugar.

Yes, you heard right. Sugar. You see? I’m not as strict as some may think.


Anyways, my point is….I don’t have one.

In summary:

1). I bought Kimchi.

2.) It had two oysters in it.

3.) I’m hard-core.

 TGiving 2011 057   

I need to work on my “hard-core” face.

  • Got a bizarre food moment? Care to share?
  • Not sorry I grossed you out. My ridiculous is my love.

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Here are some things I’ve ate, thinks I’ve thunk, happenings that happened and random details about me. (Why? Answer here.)

Can I tell you about the smoosh? It’s like a PBJ sandwich except one thing: it’s totally not like a PBJ sandwich. Still awesome, though.

Apples, Peanut Butter and “Jelly.” I have yet to find a truly sugar-free jelly so I just heat up berries and smash ‘em like it’s hot.


I also tried a new drink:

Copy (2) of IMG_0003

Which comes complete with an inspiring bottle cap:

Copy (1) of IMG_0004

“I am Grateful”

You know what? I am grateful for warm comments on –>this post<– where I lamented the well-meaning comments on my weight gain that can really hurt the insane part of me. Thank you!

I am also grateful for some new-to-me shorts in a new-to-me larger size. I am grateful for friends who think I need to show off my enhanced Boot-tay and have plenty of hand-me-downs to assist with that.


Speaking of bigger things…. You know the saying everything’s bigger in Texas? I think everything is bigger in Korea.

Like this “Asian Pear”  (aka apple pear) the size of my face. I got it at the Korean mart for half the price you’d pay for one a quarter of it’s size.


It was Huge. (My head is really big!)

I love big shrimp, too. These are not the biggest I’ve had but they’ll do.


Shrimp with roasted kale, asparagus, onion and awful lighting. You are welcome.

Another “dinner par usuelle.” I should call it the Missy special.


Steamed asparagus, peppers, mushrooms, onion, kale and Morningstar Farm’s Grillers Chik’n.

But really? The real-deal “Missy specials” are more unique.

Like Pickles and PeaBee. Of course. Anyone try it yet? <—

And I’d like to introduce:

Ants on a Log, Missy Style”


I’ll let the picture speak for itself.

Speaking of snacks…leftover Sushi should always be consumed on the same night. Mainly because I cannot sleep with sushi in the house.


This is called Naruto sushi – no rice or seaweed, just the veggies wrapped in cucumber. I am always grateful for leftover sushi.

I’m also grateful for my first sun “reminder” of the season.


Nature’s way of saying “Don’t mess with me, next time I’ll burn ya good!”

And just in case you missed any of these recipes:

Sweet Potato Fiesta Salad (Vegan)

Oodles of Shroom-oodles (Vegan, Gluten-free)

Spreadippity Sunflower Artichoke (Vegan)

Lazy White Vegetarian Girl Bibimbap

That is all.

Peace, blessings and for those of you not in rainy-paradey parts?

Wear sunscreen, okay?

IMG_0019 IMG_0015

Look! There’s my bra again.

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Here are some things I’ve ate, thinks I’ve thunk, happenings that happened and random details about me. (Why? Answer here.)

What the…what?


It’s Arame. A Sea Vegetable. Not seaweed, you philistines!

(I kid).

Sprinkled with gomasio.


Looks like worms. Tastes like…the sea? I dunno tastes like Yum to me. You could eat it alone…but don’t. You’ve been warned. I make a batch and sprinkle as desired for a few days.

Mostly in Miso Soup…

Copy (1) of IMG_0005


Miso, Tofu, Spinach, Scallions, Arame, Gomasio.

I’ve been eating miso soup for breakfast…(I told you I am not an oatmeal girl!)

Miso, a fermened food, is full of digestion boosting enzymes. It’s a soothing way to get my gut-gears going.


There’s some dulse and nori in this one.

Sea vegetables have awesome nutritionals…native and primitive people ate them. Eating them benefits the bones, skin, nails and hair…a great recovery food.

I’m intrigued by Macrobiotics and have been embracing the miso for breakfast idea…I feel great. Last weekend I used egg whites not tofu…not macrobiotic but tastes good.

Eggs in soup =yum. (at least Asian ones)

Copy (1) of IMG_0010

I’m still sticking to my normal brekkie go-to as well:


Spinach, egg beaters, & class-act re-used container.

My body is just not “wanting” dairy lately. I’m not cutting out anything for now (I learned a lesson).

So my morning meal routine’s been varied. Dinner? Not so much.


  Copy (1) of IMG_0011 

Copy (1) of IMG_0012

Veggie Chik-n, Asparagus, Mushroom, Zucchini, Red and Yellow Peppers, onion.

I eat a lot of onions and garlic. My loved ones have accepted this.


Same deal different night, this time minus peppahs.

And repeat…


..this time with accidental Oregano dumpage.

It happens, keep moving.

And again…


I added yellow squash this time. I’m trying to make friends with yellow summer squash. I never cooked them myself…maybe I never had them cooked right? How could there be a veggie I don’t love! Argh. They’re good…I’m just not a fan.

By the way .. these servings? Multiply them by 2 (or 3). Lefties get eaten later in what I call “Food In a Bowl” inspired by Katie

Like this one: 

Copy (1) of IMG_0021

It’s not elegant enough to be salad. Mostly veggies, this one had faux-turkey slices…and I add toppings (nooch, hummus, salsa, guac…whatever) After mixing? It’s nothing but food in a bowl –and ain’t pretty.

Other bits of randomness:


Steamed celery and apple.


Two great tastes that taste great together. I make a sweet mustard vinaigrette to top it with.

And the cutiest “cuties” EVER!


All decked out for Valentines.

I love clementines. I get a kick out of cute food…especially since most of what I eat looks – not cute. (0:

  • Eat anything new, unusual, cute, or different from you?
  • Stuck in an unexplainable food rut?
  • Yellow Summer Squash? Thoughts?

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Psst…Hey you. Yes You! Are you there? I asked for your questions in my last post and I’ve answered them all in the comments (there wasn’t enough for a separate post). Thanks so much you guys,  that was quite a growth experience for me. (clicky) To anyone else, feel free to ask me anything you want, anytime.

Moving on …Sorry to bore you but duty calls. I’m on a mission, remember?)

Here are some things I’ve ate, thinks I’ve thunk, happenings that happened and random details about me.

I had this miso soup on a particularly stressful day. Miso really is a wonder food and soup in a cup warms the soul. 

 Copy (1) of IMG_0009 Copy (1) of IMG_0008

Miso Soup with Brussels and Scallions

“I like to eat, eat, eat…apples and bananas.” Ever sing that song as a kid?

Copy (1) of IMG_0011

Warmed, sweetened apples and bananas with cinnamon and plain yogurt.

Copy (1) of IMG_0012 Copy (1) of IMG_0010 

After I ate this I thought, “I need more banana in my life.”

Then I giggled cause, that’s what she said.

IMG_0001 Steamed Brussels and Radish topped with my signature Scallion Hummus

(cause it leaves a signature on my breath).

I am really trying to mix up my diet but some things haven’t changed.


Cod Fillet, Asparagus, Zucchini, Onion and Thyme. Again.

IMG_0007Egg Whites and Mustard Greens, packed up for work. Again.  

Copy (1) of IMG_0001 Copy (1) of IMG_00041

Egg Whites and Spinach for brekkie at home. Again.

radish and kaleKale, Radish, Gomasio and Aminos.

Gomasio is sesame seeds and sea salt, Liquid Aminos taste like a mapley soy sauce. Both are HUGE nutrition boosts.

persimmon fail

I cut into my Persimmon only to realize that I accidently picked up a Hachiya rather than a Fuyu. FYI – you have to wait until a Hachiya is superdy-duper squish squash ripe or you’ll gag and have pucker face. You can eat Fuyu straight up (and you should.) This went in the trash after I captured its beautiful butterfly likeness.

You know what else is bitter? Mustard greens…unless you cook them just right.IMG_0020Mustard Greens sautéed in vegetable broth with scallions and nooch, natch.

(nooch, natch. nooch, natch.  Cheap thrills.)

I have NO idea how to get a perfect nut-butter drizzle. I’m not bitter, though. Not with this consolation prize.

IMG_0024Anjou Pear and crunchy almond butter glop-izzle.


Who needs a drizzle when you can glop-izzle?   

Shoo…Sumthin’ bout thems pears and almond butter… Law, that be for my good. Ah’ll tale ya wha. Yess’um.”

I’m reading the book, The Help. Can you tell? I love authors who can capture dialect or invent their own (Burgess’s Clockwork Orange, Roald Dahl).


(Why the heck am I taking pictures of food and posting them on the internet? Click here <—- for the answer)


  • Can you drizzle nut butter? Have you read “The Help?” Ever had the wrong kind of persimmon?
  • Lastly, Do you need more banana in your life? *pillsburydoughboygiggle*

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Here are some things I’ve ate, thinks I’ve thunk, happenings that happened and random details about me. (Why the heck am I taking pictures of food and posting them on the internet? Click here <—- for the answer)

 Google say huh?

If you google “pictures of pregnant 12 year olds” and page through a few pages of images; you will find a picture of a pickle and peanut butter which will lead you to my blog.

Thank-you, WordPress, for informing me of that.

 Who googles that?

Wait. I did (fearing it may be a pic of me. Phew!) It got me thinking…

You can tell a lot by a person’s googlage. I wouldn’t want to be judged by mine.

Here are some of them I jotted down over a week or so. (Like you care)

Oh…and stuff I ate. (sorry)

IMG_0022 IMG_0013


  • Mattie Stepanek (for spelling)
  • How to make hospital corners
  • Drawings + bacon frying in a pan (long story)



Honey Crisp

  • Salvaging undercooked rice + steamer
  • Totaled (spelling)
  • Geniuses
  • Crazy Love + Book



  • Anthony Bourdain (spelling)
  • Banana Pepper Hummus (yes, I went there. Fail.)
  • Amaranth + Microwave Popcorn Cooker (didn’t work)


Copy (1) of IMG_0029

Copy (2) of IMG_0001 

  • Healing Crisis + Fasting (for a friend)
  • Speedy Gonzalez + slow cousin
  • prune hands after swimming + why
  • Martin Luther King + Stock Market Closed (for work)
  • Greek Exclamation (Opa!)


Copy (1) of IMG_0001


This may be the last turkey I ever eat…my sensibilities have returned. I started eating the occasional turkey after severe malnutrition. I’m in a better place nutrition wise…and kind of grossed out. I’m starting to feel like myself again! Yay!

One last Google:

  • Tenth Avenue North + you are more

I googled this to hear it about a thousand times and have since purchased it after Chelsea “gifted” it to me. (Thanks Chelsea!)

I’m re-gifting: Listen!


Google anything interesting lately?

I’m a bit yucked by these Pillar Eats posts (and embarrassed). Yet, I’m on a mission. Documenting some of my eats helps my journey to gain a respect for food and a more balanced diet.

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Here are some things I’ve ate, thinks I’ve thunk, happenings that happened and random details about me.

(Why the heck am I taking pictures of food and posting them on the internet? Click here <—- for the answer)

Wanna hear a story?



Saturday I went to see Cats…so spectacular! (Thanks Mom).

Whilst getting ready I had

—>a little moment<—

I’ve let the pictures speak the thousand words, and now I’ll let my fingers do the talking. 



I pulled out my “Black Pants” (we all have them) and discovered they didn’t fit. I don’t squeeze into stuff. I just can’t. I didn’t want to spend my night in ‘Uncomfortable Pantsland.’

I felt hot, messy and bothered. 



I kinda collapsed in my closet. “What am I gonna wear?” I realized these pants don’t fit now and accepting weight gain means accepting they will never fit again.

I needed to get rid of them but… why is that so EFFING hard?

I got angry. I got determined.

I grabbed my camera and prepared to do something I’ve been avoiding for too long.



I quickly snapped ridiculous photos of myself in the mirror, threw on some leggings and headed across the street to the Goodwill drop-off. I couldn’t bring myself to trash them (they’re really nice pants!).

I admit thinking perhaps NO woman should fit into those tiny things, but every body is different…and there are some very tall 12-year olds out there. (0:


Pause: I’m NOT pregnant by the way.


I drove like a mad hatter with just my pants to donate. (The woman in the picture was also holding bags from someone else). I literally squealed up, jumped out of my car and said “please take these.”

Then I asked if I could take her picture because I was having a moment and I like to take ridiculous pictures and post them on the internet



Driving away…I felt SO good. Gee.Oh.Oh. Gee. You can see it in my face! I got goosebumps. It was pretty awesome, and by awesome I MEAN awesome.

For the record, I wore jeans.


And heels! (I’m not always in flip-flops)

Copy (1) of IMG_0020

The end.

  • Thank you all for the comments left on that post and all of them. They mean …ah…so much to me. I wish I had a cool blog where I can respond and be sure you got it via email but alas…
  • Throw out any “skinny clothes” lately? I have a whole lot more work to do, myself. I should probably throw out many things that still fit but that are sizes not meant for a 32 year old woman.
  • Any tips/feedback on my culinary swagger or lack thereof?

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Here are some things I’ve ate, thinks I’ve thunk, happenings that happened and random details about me.

(Why the heck am I taking pictures of food and posting them on the internet? Click here <—- for the answer)

For starters.


I’m a protein kind of gal. When I wake up in the morning oatmeal is not in the cards.


I’m all about egg whites and egg beaters. And Greens!

I LOVE heaping amounts dark greenies in my brekkie. Makes me feel amazing.

Like a million (green) bucks.


Sometimes in Liquid Form.


And consumed on the road.


I most often eat breakfast at work, though. Attractive, huh?


Usually, I add something or other depending on what my body needs. Super hungry? I add in veggie meat. Sometimes I need more complex carbs so I may add hummus or crackers or wraps.  Mostly I add a piece of fruit.

Like an apple.


And when my body needs fat I add cream cheese

or nut butter.


I made that nut butter my self! *beaming with pride*

Lunch is also consumed at the office and very easy to assemble. Microwave, toaster oven & I’m good to go.


My dinners, sadly, need a bit more work.

I am stuck trapped in a rut. My dinners are prepared in minutes, though, and they taste good to me!

IMG_0016 IMG_0078

And repeat.

Food Pics

I do up a ton of veggies and always go back for more…but I start with what fits on a plate (0:

And I love me my random snacks.


These nuts are…dangerously good. Recipe here. They also make for some nice nut butter if you have a food processor and are up for a challenge.


Need I say more? Cheezy. Popcorn.


I use an air popper that you put in the microwave.

Much quieter than a machine.


Vocabulary Lesson

Hummus = Hummus

Yummus = Hummus made with beans other than garbanzos

Humpalsa =  Half the chick peas, mostly veggies.

Comes out like a mix between hummus, pesto, and salsa.

Pestalsa = No chickpeas or beans. Like a mix between pesto and salsa.


In the future I intend to fill the “in-between” photos with more deets and thinks.

Meanwhile…I’ll be looking for more of this:


  • Do you photograph your food? Why? (cause asking why not would be too weird…lol)
  • Have you found a food that really FUELS you? Like me and my greens and eggs?

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