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I’m still giggling over the hilarity of a title like that on my blog. Food and Fashion….heheheheee. Ridiculous. Love it.

Anyways —

I put on pants without elastic for the first time in a long time.


Work is picking up and I’m seeing clients so this is a sort-of forced situation but nonetheless significant.

xmas 011

Top = White House Black Market

Pants = Banana Republic

Shoes = Kenneth Cole

Wrinkles = Me and my chair


In other atypical news, the price of asparagus skyrocketed this past month.

If you don’t know – I’m an asparagus-a-holic.
My Native American name would be “Dances with Asparagus.”

Health Blog Posts 055

For real. I’ve eaten it 363 days of the year for about 3-4 years now.

I’m not just talking about two or three stalks. I’m talking 10-12 oz daily.  That’s lowballing it. It’s an expensive dependency habit.

It was hard,  but I’ve had about 4 asparagus-free days over the past two weeks. I’m quite proud, as my asparagus love is a tiny bit disorderly.

Not that needing to eat choosing to eat the same food every day is a problem or anything. #peanutbutter


There seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Prices are slowly dropping and asparagus made a re-appearance on my plate.  I did not skimp on the portions either.

xmas 005



xmas 015


  • Since work is picking up I’m thinking my blog posts might be short and sweet and maybe I will blog more often.

  • If you have an eating disorder or struggle with food, please check out my girl Jess at HealthyPlace.com and join in the conversation— Her skills are so legit she getting paid for dropping her logic. Check it out!

  • Be atypical in your commenting and share something you typically wouldn’t! (If you want).



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It’s healthy to try new things, treat yourself a little, and switch things up to make life a little more…more.

Let me tell you my “news.”

Health Blog Posts 012

I bought a new microwave Sunday. I go through microwaves like athletes go through running shoes. This one has a five year over-the-top warrantee to defend against my Midas touch of doom.

Microwaves are healthy. Because.

Health Blog Posts 029

I finally broke down and started buying the big-boy jars of peanut butter.
Good for my economic health and the health of my soul.

Health Blog Posts 038

I started taking some new health supplements. (It’s too soon to tell a difference.)

I bought some new clothes to accommodate my healthy body and give me that boost of “feel-good” we get when we look nice.

Health Blog Posts 015 

Our busy season is coming up and my current uniform of flowy tops and stretchy pants won’t do in the office with clients.

Health Blog Posts 021 

Self care, personal hygiene, taking the time to care for our appearance – Healthy!

Health Blog Posts 035

I tried a new make-up. Love it. It’s super light, like a tint. I’ve always been a tinted moisturizer gal (if anything at all) even before the new BB creams. I can’t wait to try an actual BB though. 

Health Blog Posts 037 

Some new sparkle — feels like looking life straight in the eye and saying “I LOVE YOU!” 

Health Blog Posts 023

I recently tried Raw Coconut Aminos instead of my beloved Braggs. (Sorry for the pic. Ow! My eyes!)

I’ve grown weary of vegetable protein so it’s nice to cut back a little and switch it up. The Coconut Aminos tastes great and have less sodium.

Health Blog Posts 025 

Another new – frozen vegetables. These Asian inspired mixes are great because I rarely have veggies like baby corn or water chestnuts in the house and this is waiting whenever the “Asian” mood strikes. (Is that PC? lol).Health Blog Posts 026

I’ll never be an “all frozen- all the time” girl but on occasion, why not? They’re just as healthy.

Health Blog Posts 032

New Vitamin water flavor – it’s got caffeine (!) and lots of other weird things that probably aren’t healthy but the vitamins balance it out *wink*. I really just don’t care that much. lol :9

Health Blog Posts 040

I tried a new salad dressing. It’s …meh. I’ve been trying to do the dressing thing more to see what I am missing.  Really? I just prefer a simple extra-light tasting olive oil spritz — but variety is healthy as are fats – especially on greens.


I have another new dressing waiting for me to experiment with and let me tell you about ….wait for it….THESE NUTS (heehee).

Health Blog Posts 042   

Yeah – I hate to love these almonds (#crack#ingredients) but whatever.

Everything in moderation – INCLUDING MODERATION. <—Write that down.

 opaopa 001

Last month I found out Publix (my grocery store) will steam your seafood for free. I cannot express my pure unadulterated joy. It’s my new favorite “I’m tired” treat for dinner after work. Or..on Saturday. LOL.

It’s important to have go-to meal options that are healthy, easy and fast. Better than the drive-thrus and deliveries or skipping a meal.

opaopa 005 

You can get it seasoned, but when it comes to Cod I don’t mess around. All I need is the …drool….flaky buttery tasting flesh. #sorryvegheads

 opaopa 006 

On one Atypical Tuesday I decided to switch things up by eating salmon. Salmon’s not really my favorite.

opaopa 009

It’s delicious- but I’d never choose it first. I have to remind myself to get it every once in a while because of all the healthy fats. 

Health Blog Posts 046

And finally, new albums I’ve picked up. Music is the wallpaper of the mind. Good for the mind and soul, and when you shake that azz it’s good for the body.


  • What’s new with you?

Today’s Prompt for NHBPM  was “News-Style Post” (??) and the other option was “A time you had to take the high road” (no thanks). So…this is what came out.  Previous posts can be found here.

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Every Tuesday (I love playing mental games with days of the week for real…not just in blog world) I try and do something atypical. I tend to get myself in a rut and well…

About five minutes ago the thought occurred to me it would be highly atypical for me to blog with no forethought or purpose…or..GASP! pictures. (Still cringing).

So here I am now.

For real. I have no idea. But I’m rolling with the challenge.

Yeah…so…I’ve had “a day.” You know the ones…it’s just…

I enjoyed and loved so much and so many aspects of the day  because that is how I am, beauty and struggle and all of that #blogtitle.

I laughed, I made crazy conversations with strangers, I listened to ILL hip-hop in my minivan…I printed hilarious photos of my brother and planted them on his desk….I am about to eat a mind-blowingly delicious piece of fresh, wild-caught flaky buttery piece of Cod…

But….wow. It’s been a day.

After work I found myself mentally berating myself because … my life is EASY. Really. I am employed, I live alone with my dog and we rule the roost. I have no one to cook for, no second job, no handicaps, I have an apartment with AC, Cable…etc. It’s pretty nice, too.

I have not the blessing of responsibilities that come with kids and I have loving parents who are both alive and supportive. I have a car, friends, Jesus….I mean….seriously.

So why? Why? Do I feel so beat up?

But–what I also have is a freaking war going on inside my mind. Right now? It’s pretty much every second. I am mentally engaged, with the help of God, in battling these insidious feelings of total discomfort in my skin and the thoughts of “fixing it”…which means losing weight. Even though in my mind it doesn’t sound like that. This is not about fat or thin. Let me make that clear. 

Hard to explain – BUT – relief comes in losing mass, flesh…bulk. That’s not an option. That means losing health. I have to keep reminding myself of that all the ding-dong time. It has finally donned on me that I can’t NOT gain weight and truly live.

On the outside..I’m like a lazy piece of something else….but on the inside? I am working HARD.

So, I remember that. It helps me … and I want anyone who reads this to remember that NO ONE knows what anyone goes through on the daily.

I may be lacking in many areas right now in terms of living life to the fullest BUT I am doing the most important work in what will enable me to live a full life.


123…publish. Whatevers.

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Oh. Hello!

Notice anything different about me?
And no, it’s not the bra strap – though yes it is different than usual.

atypical 012 

How about now?

atypical 013 

…or now.
atypical 014 

Earrings like whoa. 
atypical 015

Dude, get a bra.

Anyways….here’s the story. Every Tuesday I set out to do something atypical because that’s why.
So this morning – feeling particularly um…well fed – I decided to put on something youguessedit atypical.

Well, it’s typical in that it’s neither fashionable or stylish but I was a long way from attempting that this morning #well-fed.

Enter Capri Leggings.
atypical 030 

And whatever you call this kind of top.
(Besides maternity.)

atypical 032

Play  “I’m too Sexy” in your head right now and allow me my moment.

atypical 036  atypical 038

Ahh….ridiculous. Jut the way I like me.

Okay – but then a client comes in and asks if I have pierced ears.

Nice to see you, Mr. Bergman. And yes, I do.”

We digressed- apparently he has absolutely no idea why no one understands that the internet is illegible and everything should be in black and white. He can’t stand that blue type. He’s written AOL, Home Depot…etc. (He’s not crazy. Just eccentric.)
Meanwhile he pulls out a large jar of earrings from his backpack.

A jar. Of Earrings.
And 79 year-old Mr. Bergman.
He wants to give me earrings. No big deal.

How’s that for atypical?

I show him the conference room where he carefully laid out about 50 pairs of earrings and told me to choose six. Um…..

Earrings aren’t entirely my thing. I have a small pair of diamond earrings and I know FOR SURE I will one day own a pair of brilliant diamond studs. (It’s been my dream since high school.) But usually I think about rings or necklaces or anklets when it comes to jewelry.
But honestly I’m usually too busy thinking about food&co.

atypical 029 
And Glitter.

ANY – I was faced with this huge selection of well…they were…interesting. I settled on these three for myself,  Not knowing what I would do with them.

atypical 024

And now I ….

atypical 020 

Have earrings?

(I also have hair wings – but that’s for another day).

I don’t know ladies.

And that’s my story.

  • Tell me something atypical about your day – or what you WILL do to make it so. (If you want.)
  • You KNOW I’m hoping I get some solid fashion advice out of this, and I want honesty!!

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I am a slave to routine – my “program” if you will.

I long for freedom. I need so desperately to de-program.

Yesterday, the heroic Hedda inspired me to skip my usual afternoon swim (which I’ve NOT been feeling of late…Cold water? Wet? Ugh.) and to just take a walk! So I did. I went to the gym, read in the sauna and then walked out. Got home and took a walk with my head in the clouds.


I have not swam since Friday and today I was feeling the “pressure” to swim. Why? Well, because that is what I do.

That is what I am programmed to do.

Instead? I went straight home. Took a quick breather and went for a 20 minute walk to get my endorphins in.

I got to see this:


Instead of this:


Another thing? I ate something before dinner. Just because. That is not typical.

I have to share though, because… really?

Who eats sticks and twigs?


I had to giggle because they really do look like…sticks. And twigs.




And delicious.

Anyway –I am proclaiming Tuesdays to be ATYPICAL TUESDAYS from here on out.

I don’t want to be a slave.

  • Gotta routine? Feel like a slave to the grind? What’s one thing you might-could do to color outside the lines? Wanna do it next Tuesday?

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