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It’s Wednesday again. A day to acknowledge that sometimes you have to think WTF.


Life is Crazy. I’m Crazy. Whatever. Totally Fine.

You with me?

I’m writing more regularly (every other day) as an experiment. I’m curious what would happen if I just let loose and wrote about…whatever! Here goes nothing. <—Literally

During an insomnia-fueled viewing of The Tonight Show last night, I decided to look pretty more often. Was this inspired by watching Blake Lively? A little. 


But mostly I was wondering if I could attract a man like Blake Shelton.

Blake Lively - Tonight Show with Jay Leno funstufforall.blogspot.com (1)

Le Purrrrrrr. I want to curl up in his dimples and sleep for a very long time.


Would I have to pretend to like his music? Probably. Worth it.

I also decided I should work on my abs after Leno showed this picture:


I wonder if I could get ripped? I’ve never tried. Might be fun.

I decided to do sit-ups every morning.

I thought all this whilst shoving salty, greasy carbs in my mouth and lying in bed. Whatever! Totally Fine. Right?

So this morning I grabbed something a little different from my closet. I tried to get my pretty on.

Picture 044

Look! There’s Zoe!

I was too busy brushing the crumbs and nutreast* from my sheets that I didn’t have time for sit-ups. I did have time to get my neighbor to snap a picture. Is that normal? NO.

Whatever! It’s totally fine.

Actually – I’ll be honest. I forgot I had “the abs-thought” until now. I’m over it. Oh, the thinks you can think at 12am. Silly.

I also forgot to shave my legs. Fail. Not pretty. 

Picture 060

It’s Totally Fine, though. I’m blonde. I can get away with being absent minded and having hairy legs. Score!

 Picture 059

Plus, Zoe thinks I’m pretty.

Unfortunately I cannot get away with a freakish looking eyebrow. Not pretty.


 Picture 064 Picture 067

My hairdo isn’t too shabby though.

Changing subject in 3…2….1….

*I am calling nutritional yeast nutreast from now on. I don’t like the word nooch. Reminds me of hooch or cooch.



Yes, this is the stuff I think about. Whatever. Totally FINE.

  • What are you thinking about today?
  • Do you care about looking pretty? I usually don’t, this is hard work!
  • If you commented on my last post thank you for you well wishes, wisdom, advice and encouragement! I am feeling better.



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