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A girl must do what must be done.

Particularly when one is about to become undone.

Like power up on caterpillar crack.


You know where I am going with this

(–>if not read here now and thank me later <–).


and Nectar of the Gods…


Who says money can’t buy you love?


Go Go Gadget Arm! (Seriously, how weird is this picture?)

Speaking of powerful arms,

I’m flipping out!

IMG_0061 IMG_0063 IMG_0065

Weight Gain = Strength Gain


I used to be quite the yogini until 2003 when my body ate all my muscles. I could barely walk let alone do Ashtanga Yoga. Since then I have great difficulty getting back on the mat.

It’s emotionally taxing for me to “inhabit” my body so completely. Now that I’ve gained so much weight, I’m hoping that facing these fears on the mat will help me deal with them in everyday life.

Speaking of ups and downs* there’s this:

*weight, flips, handstands, downdog…etc.


Weight Gain in my Bootie = Weight Gain in my Wallet


My dad left me some cash and instructed me to “get some decent clothes” (which my mind interprets as “fat clothes”).

I am FreAKiNG ThE FuNK ouT!!!

I’m becoming undone.

My parents have been begging to take me shopping for a while because I complain that none of my clothes fit. I have been quite successful in avoiding it thus far.

Dressing this bigger body of mine, like yoga, is equally emotional (by emotional I mean excruciatingly scary).

PS: You might be a crazy girl if a free shopping spree inspires panic.

But a girl must do what must be done.


Particularly when she’s come undone


  • Got any fashion tips for me? I’m on a Target/Old Navy/Gap Outlet kind of budget.
  • What are your “power through” foods.

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