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Here are some things I’ve ate, thinks I’ve thunk, happenings that happened and random details about me.

(Why the heck am I taking pictures of food and posting them on the internet? Click here <—- for the answer)

Wanna hear a story?



Saturday I went to see Cats…so spectacular! (Thanks Mom).

Whilst getting ready I had

—>a little moment<—

I’ve let the pictures speak the thousand words, and now I’ll let my fingers do the talking. 



I pulled out my “Black Pants” (we all have them) and discovered they didn’t fit. I don’t squeeze into stuff. I just can’t. I didn’t want to spend my night in ‘Uncomfortable Pantsland.’

I felt hot, messy and bothered. 



I kinda collapsed in my closet. “What am I gonna wear?” I realized these pants don’t fit now and accepting weight gain means accepting they will never fit again.

I needed to get rid of them but… why is that so EFFING hard?

I got angry. I got determined.

I grabbed my camera and prepared to do something I’ve been avoiding for too long.



I quickly snapped ridiculous photos of myself in the mirror, threw on some leggings and headed across the street to the Goodwill drop-off. I couldn’t bring myself to trash them (they’re really nice pants!).

I admit thinking perhaps NO woman should fit into those tiny things, but every body is different…and there are some very tall 12-year olds out there. (0:


Pause: I’m NOT pregnant by the way.


I drove like a mad hatter with just my pants to donate. (The woman in the picture was also holding bags from someone else). I literally squealed up, jumped out of my car and said “please take these.”

Then I asked if I could take her picture because I was having a moment and I like to take ridiculous pictures and post them on the internet



Driving away…I felt SO good. Gee.Oh.Oh. Gee. You can see it in my face! I got goosebumps. It was pretty awesome, and by awesome I MEAN awesome.

For the record, I wore jeans.


And heels! (I’m not always in flip-flops)

Copy (1) of IMG_0020

The end.

  • Thank you all for the comments left on that post and all of them. They mean …ah…so much to me. I wish I had a cool blog where I can respond and be sure you got it via email but alas…
  • Throw out any “skinny clothes” lately? I have a whole lot more work to do, myself. I should probably throw out many things that still fit but that are sizes not meant for a 32 year old woman.
  • Any tips/feedback on my culinary swagger or lack thereof?

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