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I read a recipe for black bean and pumpkin soup and was intrigued. I couldn’t imagine what it would taste like, but it sounded good and super healthy. I wanted to try.

Who knew making soup could inspire deep thoughts on recovery?

In recovery, we encounter many things (food, ways of thinking, daily routines) that are completely foreign to us. You’re intrigued, a little scared, but it sounds healthy. It sounds good. So you do it.

I tailored the recipe to my likings, crossed my fingers and went to work on my

Profound Pumpkin Black Bean Soup (Vegan)

IMG_0010  IMG_0013

Looks good so far…

This was when I got a little nervous.


Didn’t look so yum.


I relaxed when I added the broth.

Enter the Immersion Blender.


I never used this before and was excited. It was awesome. Felt like a power tool! I got into it. Maybe too into it… IMG_0027 IMG_0030 

IMG_0033  IMG_0031

That’s when this happenedIMG_0036.IMG_0039

Missy no like messy. This was the least of it, trust me.

I expected to become annoyed and frustrated, BUT I was too excited by my new toy to care! 

It happens…keep moving.


I blended the soup to my desired consistency (chunky smooth). No more than 5 minutes later, everything was back to normal. And the fruits of my labor were mine to enjoy.

IMG_0041 IMG_0050

MMMMmmmmm. I am so proud.

This soup is deeee-licious. The pumpkin adds this…slightly sweet, velvety yumness. A depth. A…Profundity! (Hence the name).

And my profound thoughts?

This is what happens in recovery when we face new habits and behaviors with the right attitude.

You may make a mess, become uncomfortable at points. But you get over it!

We need to stop anticipating and fearing how we might react to new situations. Maybe you fear you will freak out, but you never know! You may be too excited by the experience to even notice!

In the end, its worth it. You can’t wait to do it again.

Speaking of repeats…. I made more than one return trip to the soup pot.

And then my tummy hurt.


But it’s worth it.

Good thing I have a secret ninja trick for such occasions. (Yes! I actually do this…I can’t make this ridiculous-ness up!)


And Beano. Lots and lots of Beano.


  • What’s a “challenge” you have tackled recently?
  • Is there something you have been meaning to try, but talking youself out of because all the “what ifs?”

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